AutoData Editora – 208 pulls Peugeot’s growing performance in Brazil

AutoData Editora – 208 pulls Peugeot’s growing performance in Brazil

São Paulo – Launched in September 2020, the Peugeot 208 has been an important turning point for the company in the Brazilian and regional markets. Performance in the market confirms: at the time of its launch, Peugeot accounted for 0.6% of domestic sales of light vehicles. In January, it won its biggest share since 2008: 3.5%, above its 2022 forecast.

A total of 1,989 license plates in the first month of the year, corresponding to 48.7% of the brand’s sales. With an important contribution to a remarkable career: Peugeot’s return to the Top 10 in sales, taking ninth place, surpassing Nissan.

This sales volume secured the 208 eighteenth place in the list of best-selling cars and light commercial vehicles. In Argentina, where it is produced in El Palomar, in Greater Buenos Aires, the model also started the year with high demand and was seen as the second best-selling car.

In 2021, its first full year of sales, it reached a total of 16,342 license plates, 55.3% of the total sold by Peugeot in the Brazilian market – where it closed with a 1.5% share.

With the 208, Peugeot is betting on its offensive in the area of ​​commercial vehicles and on the SUVs of 2008 and 3008 to finish the year with 3% of the market, an advance that is not considered one of the most difficult by Felipe. Daemon, its boss in Brazil: in several months of last year, it reached 2.2% and at the beginning of 2022 it reached 3.5%.

Throughout the year, the company also promises to launch electric cars and commercials, wanting to play a leading role in the supply of electricity within Stellantis.

We got to know the Peugeot 208 more closely, in its Active Pack version, the first in the portfolio with an automatic transmission, which has a lot to attract buyers with its exterior appearance and its interior finish. The visual quality of the parts used inside, although most of them are made of hard plastic, is better than that of other hatches on the market, bringing the 208 a little closer to mid-range hatches in this sense, but with less space for the occupants.

During the days when the report had a model, the perception was that finishing the interior is a sure thing, along with a good multimedia system. The interior space allows traveling with four people in a comfortable way, but without much luggage due to the small space in the trunk.

The Active Pack’s standard equipment list offers digital air conditioning, a multimedia system with a system similar to that of the more expensive Stellantis models, with smartphone mirroring, 16-inch wheels, LED daytime running lights, speed and four airbags.

In the top version, this list gets products like leather seats, full LED headlights, six airbags, a digital and 3D instrument panel and a sunroof.

The weak point is due to the expected 1.6 engine of 118 hp, with a performance that leaves something to be desired on the road, when overturning and retaking. In the city, the 208 engine will be able to fulfill its role, driving at low speeds, with a six-speed automatic transmission.

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