Autobiz extends its strategic partnership with Nissan, in Spain and Portugal

Autobiz extends its strategic partnership with Nissan, in Spain and Portugal

For two years the partners, Nissan and autobiz are expanding their international strategic partnership framework on the Iberian Peninsula. Further enhancement by placing on the line of rescue sites and key tools of the autobizOffice office in the Spanish and Portuguese subsidiaries of the Japanese manufacturer.

autobizOffice and online rescue sites have been sent to all Nissan networks on the peninsula

Since the end of 2020, Nissan subsidiaries in Portugal and Spain have part-time autobizOffice suite (autobizMarket and autobizMonStock), tracking tools and tracking dashboards provided by autobiz.

In Spain, these tools were used in the Nissan network. The current situation in Portugal: 38 retailers control their daily prices and online sales via autobizOffice. The distribution, which started in November 2021, was based on training combining distance modules and sales component training for all network members.

The second major novel of the partnership between Nissan and autobiz relates to online recovery. A leader in automotive valuation and data has published comprehensive methods for evaluating used cars in brand colors online in both countries. This type of platform, in which autobiz has become a European leader, allows for the improvement of new cars and the sale of used cars as well as personal search.

Focus on customer satisfaction and business efficiency

Rui Alves, Director of Ships and Vehicles used in Nissan Portugal, discusses the benefits of the partnership:

“We are very pleased with the continuation and enhancement of this partnership with autobiz. The use of their expanded tools throughout our network will allow our dealers to get information, in real time, on the value of used car transactions. This information is valid for Nissan models and for competing models, based on used cars sold on many specific websites.This information will enable a more efficient and comprehensive evaluation of the commercial value and sales of used cars on the Nissan network, which will improve the satisfaction of our customers.

“Today, a market monitoring tool like the one provided by autobizMarket is essential in our daily work to determine what is happening in our network and how we can define our business strategy and pricing”, says Julio Pastor, Director of Nissan Spain. sales.

About autobiz

Since 2004, autobiz has helped all players in the automotive industry in Europe, thanks to the revival and business solutions. This support is based on 16 years of data history as well as the web, software and business skills of 160 employees of the company. Today based in La Défense (92), autobiz also has offices in Berlin, Valencia (Spain) and Milan. autobiz supports more than 15 second-hand retailer leaders (manufacturers, banks, renters, auctioneers, etc.) as well as 5,000 sales points in 18 European countries.