Audi will launch the concept of urban environment on April 19th

Audi will launch the concept of urban environment on April 19th

The family of new concept cars from Audi is expanding in the same way: After the Audi space concept and the Audi space concept, the four rings now have the concept of Audi space.

The family of concept cars gives a glimpse of the future of the Audi design and shows how the brand defines the best mobility of the future. The concept of Audi city airspace was created specifically to meet the needs of customers in major Chinese cities. In areas where personal space is limited, the concept car offers the largest interior of any Audi to date.

Like the concept of Audi aviation and the main concept of Audi before it, Audi will present a suburban area nearby. The study, which is systematically organized from inside and outside, will celebrate its first world show at the “Development Ceremony” on April 19 at 12 noon. During the first online presentation, Hildegard Wortmann, AUDI AG Executive Board Member for Sales and Marketing, Oliver Hoffmann, AUDI AG Executive Board Member for Technical Development, and Head of AUDI AG Research and Development Department existence.

Oliver Hoffmann, and Henrik Wenders, Audi Business Managers, will outline the next step in the Fourth Ring change. In collaboration with designer Gary Telaak, they will show how automatic operation transforms the interior into a world of mobile experience, without steering wheel, pedals or screens to find a way. The model, developed in close collaboration with Audi design studios in Beijing and from its headquarters in Ingolstadt and is the first Audi car to showcase the wishes and experience of Chinese customers, records how Audi interprets the car as a third living space. . Steven Gätjen will be hosting this digital event.

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