Audi is launching a new global sales and styling concept at the SP store

Audi is launching a new global sales and styling concept at the SP store

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Audi Marketing explores “new concept of continuous experience with digital immersion”

Experience has increasingly become the focus of brands in the luxury segment. It is used for technology and culture events or product launches. Not even retailers escape: Audi opens today, 28, in São Paulo, the first business classified by the brand with four rings as “a new concept of development experience and digital immersion”.

This is a pilot project, called Progressive Retail, which by 2024 should complete its expansion in the brand network in Brazil. The idea was born in Germany, but the implementation was done by the Brazilian branch.

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To transform the Audi Morumbi, from Grupo Caraigá, R$ 8 million was invested in the redevelopment of the image and design, the highlights of which are a 10-meter high-resolution LED digital panel, connected to a 52-inch touch TV that, connected and the car configurator, allowing customers many opportunities to customize the chosen model according to their wishes and needs, entering the car digitally.

“The normal customer journey is rebuilt in this store. In other words, the customer who previously could configure the car at home, can now do so in a more immersive experience, inside the store, with a product specialist”, explains Diego Borghi, The German brand’s Sales Director. “The customer is no longer in a car shop, but in an art gallery”, he philosophizes.

It is possible, explains Borghi, that the customer makes a purchase without necessarily seeing the car there in the showroom. It’s something accelerated by this epidemic: the consumer wants something more than a car ready for delivery.

“It’s a new way of building relationships. Here we confirm if the customer’s life situation is changed. We focus more on loyalty and retention than sales volume. The final increase in sales will come from building a brand that we are redefining,” says Borghi.

The new unit is also the manufacturer’s first with regard to electric vehicles – there are two 50 kW-DC fast chargers (fast charging), and by the end of the year the seller will get a more powerful charger of 150 kW, which will allow them to fully charge the battery in 40 minutes.