Audi cars will have 5G from 2023

Audi cars will have 5G from 2023

The technology will allow development in connected services and the improvement of semi-autonomous systems

Audi announced a partnership with North American carrier Verizon to deploy a 5G network embedded in its models in the United States. The technology will be available in the brand’s vehicles from 2023, with the launch of models in 2024. According to Audi, the nature of 5G will allow significant progress in connected services and the improvement of semi-autonomous systems.

Already available on 4G-embedded models, the car software update feature via the cloud will be faster and more frequent on models with native 5G. Another possibility for extended connectivity is the improvement of navigation functions in HD and with 3D projections or through augmented reality in multimedia centers.

With room for improvement, 5G technology in cars will also enable real-time vehicle communication with other compatible vehicles and connected infrastructure such as highway electronic panels, traffic lights and public chargers.

Audi’s 5G will also allow for the improvement of autonomous systems, with pre-decision making and possible detection of obstacles in front of you via the car’s cameras and radars. Despite the technological advances in the United States, only 1,700 of the approximately 35,000 US cities have 5G coverage from an operator. verizon.

Photo: Advertising/Audi