Audi A3 loses power, but without affecting what is good – 03/04/2022

Audi A3 loses power, but without affecting what is good – 03/04/2022

Much has changed in its new generation, the Audi A3 – in hatch and sedan bodies – now arrives in Brazil imported from Germany, as the brand ended the production of the model here at the end of 2020.

The current generation arrived at the end of last year in two versions: 1.4 S Line Limited and 2.0 Performance Black. The first with an engine of 150 horses, and the second option with an engine of 190 horses. This situation has already changed, because at the end of the small lot of the version 1.4 S Line, Audi created another option for Brazil: S Line 2.0 TFSi with transmission S Tronic dual clutch automatic with 07 gears.

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Returning to the changes applied to this generation of A3, the appearance was more provocative, especially in the Black Performance version, which has less chrome details. The front – which has been significantly modified – got a very wide grille that extends to the sides of the plate, a new design of the set of lights that can be equipped with a Matrix LED lamp.

This high-level system, in addition to high lighting efficiency, has a feature that can automatically turn off some points of the LED set to avoid lighting other drivers. Another detail outside the A3 is that all versions have the S Line exterior package, which includes, for example, 18-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels and several visual details with a sporty appeal.

Looking inside the A3, the situation has changed a lot and for the better. It starts with a completely renewed central panel, made up of straight lines, a rubber finish and even a section with an appliqué of an aluminum texture. Then the round air conditioners went out, replaced by larger square sets. According to Audi, this is one of the tips directly inspired by the elements of the Lamborghini Urus.

It also has a 10.1-inch high-resolution multimedia screen with touch controls, rounding off the technological design with a new 12.3-inch 100% digital instrument panel. In it you can choose three viewing options and check a lot of information about the car. One of the most interesting things inside the A3 is the center console. Now it has small buttons: engine start, volume control – which is tactile – electric parking brake and gearshift which, despite being treated as a new gear selector lever, is very small. , looks like another button on the set.

The 2.0 TFSi engine lost 30 horsepower

Those who followed the launch of the new A3 last year, learned that the 2.0 TFSi petrol engine, despite being the same as the previous version, was modified to comply with Brazil’s emissions regulations. And to achieve this goal, engineering reduced the power, which dropped from 220 to 190 horses. Torque also decreased, but the measurement was lower, and it went up to 32.6 Kgfm (against 35.7 in the previous version).

Now, in practice, using the car on a daily basis, this represents little for the A3 proposal, which has a dual-clutch automatic transmission that plays in favor of better engine performance and with a five-way drive version. Audi’s popular Drive option offers Automatic, Comfort, Power, Efficiency and Personal options.

But even without exploring the sports option, the A3 2.0 maintains great agility and absolute safety, with that extra touch for those who appreciate the pleasure of taking the wheel of a well-designed car. And there is another important detail: now that it is imported from Germany, it has independent suspension on the rear axle as well, something that was not done on the model made in Brazil.

High quality car but no semi-autonomous driving capability

Another issue that has already been widely discussed at the launch of the Audi A3 in Brazil involves the lack of semi-autonomous driving features. Forward collision warning with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning or even blind spot warning are not available on the A3 models sold here.

According to Audi, this is a direct reflection of the crisis affecting the industry due to the lack of semiconductors. If it had waited for the adjustment of the supply of electronics, according to the brand, the launch of the new A3 would have taken a long time to happen. It was optional, but in practice, it didn’t make the A3 any safer.

The new generation has many evolutions and continues to deliver the refinement and performance expected in Audi style. And, for now, compared to its direct competitors in Brazil, the new A3 is competitively priced.

Audi A3 Sedan 2.0 Price

The TFSi S Tronic Line: BRL 263,990.00

Performance Black TFSi S Tronic: BRL 278,990.00

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