At a pedestrian crossing, he is knocked down… by a dog!

At a pedestrian crossing, he is knocked down… by a dog!

So no one saw that coming. While trying to cross the road, this pedestrian was cut off. But the criminal was not in the car, he was running behind.

Before crossing, this pedestrian looks right and left. Then he sees a pick-up to his left and apparently, the car has no intention of stopping to let him pass.

It is not serious, the second one is not followed by another car, the passerby decides to wait a few seconds before moving forward on the zebra crossing.

But what he did not see, is that the pick-up is well and truly followed. Not with a car or even a motorcycle, but a dog! The dog sprints to chase the car in front of him, but ends up hitting a pedestrian right at the zebra crossing!

No report is scheduled

As you can imagine, the animal did not stop signing papers after this accident. No, the mad dog continued on his way as if nothing happened, but we won’t lie to each other. it’s better to be ripped off by one’s best friend than a 4×4 at 100 km/h, right?

Even if, at that time, to see the picture, behind this pedestrian did not appreciate much.

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