Aston Martin’s rocky start reflects a shortage of parts

Aston Martin’s rocky start reflects a shortage of parts

The start of the 2022 season for Aston Martin in Formula 1 can be described as a dream come true. The race in Australia that took place last Sunday (10) was a complete failure for the team which is now facing a lack of parts for its two cars.

The team car does not produce results. photo: Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel, who had previously sat out Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, crashed during qualifying in Melbourne. Lance Stroll crashed into a barrier during the final qualifying session and damaged the front wing and suspension of his car.

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The team had a lot of work rebuilding the cars before the race. And the efforts were not rewarded: Vettel crashed during the race and Stroll failed to score points, leaving Aston Martin last in the team championship, the only one not to score in the first three stages.

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The damage went further: now, the team is facing problems with a lack of car parts. “At the end of the race, we were still in a position where we were hoping to get points, but it didn’t happen. Overall I have to say it was a disappointing weekend so now we need to gather all the bits and pieces we have. We’re starting to run out of spares, which is something we need to address,” commented Mike Krack, Team Principal.

The parts shortage could hamper Aston’s evolution throughout the championship, as they will need to develop other parts instead of focusing solely on the future of the AMR22. According to Krack, discussions about the direction Aston Martin will take next steps are ongoing.