Aston Martin will use its new rear wing in a race-legal way

Aston Martin will use its new rear wing in a race-legal way

On Friday, Aston Martin drove the car in Free Practice with a rear wing that was notably different from the other seats designs. If the rear wing respects the technical regulations word for word, the gray areas continue when respecting the technical philosophy of the FIA ​​which aims to reduce aerodynamic drag. The purpose is not to disrupt the airflow from following vehicles.

Mike Krack in a press conference on Saturday clarified that the development of this new wing was open to the FIA ​​and therefore they were legal to use it.

“When you design, I mean develop an idea or fins, you don’t wait until the last minute to show it. We were in contact with the FIA ​​during the development of this part to understand if it would adopt their criteria. » confirms the Aston Martin team director.

“When they agreed, we said ok, let’s go. Now there is nothing strange. It is an interpretation of the rules and it is something that was done in collaboration with the FIA. »

Competitors generally have two approaches to this innovation. Build it into their development to see if it works for their car as well or demand a ban. If the law were changed in the future to ban this wing design, Aston Martin would comply.

“If the rules change, then we will accept it. » he explains in a meeting with Christian Horner (Red Bull) and Andreas Seidle (McLaren).

Christian Horner responded to this new fine by specifying “that it opened new perspectives to interpret the law and that it was interesting. » Horner also joked that for once they would probably copy Aston Martin and not the other way around. “And maybe for once we’ll copy something from Aston Martin instead of the other way around. So we never know!”

Andreas Seidl, the director of McLaren also trusts the FIA ​​with respect to this wing and does not want to file a complaint. “We are focusing on this race weekend, and we will look into that more closely probably next week and make a decision. Then we can judge whether it’s a track we want to take or not, but now that the regulations are in place, we believe the FIA ​​will make the right decisions. So until then, nothing to say. »

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