Aston Martin wanted Vettel in 2023, but ‘respectful’ retirement – Formula 1 News

Aston Martin wanted Vettel in 2023, but ‘respectful’ retirement – Formula 1 News


Aston Martin tried to make Sebastian Vettel remain not only in formula 1as in the team – but the four-time world champion’s ‘fico’ crowd came to an end this Thursday (28), when the German officially announced his retirement from the world’s premier motorsport division.

In a letter issued by the Silverstone team, owner Lawrence Stroll emphasized what everyone already knew: Aston Martin worked on this and publicly expressed the desire to have Vettel in 2023. Even without success in the attempt, there are no regrets, however: and , yes, a sense of respect for the decision made by the past and future experiments.

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“I want to thank Sebastian from the bottom of my heart for the great work he has done for Aston Martin for the past year and a half. We made it clear to him that we would like him to stay with us next year, but in the end, he did what he thought was right for him and his family, and of course, we respect that.”

Lawrence Stroll admitted that Aston Martin wanted Vettel to stay (Image: Aston Martin)

“He has driven a great race for us and, behind the scenes, his experience and the knowledge of our engineers has been invaluable. He is one of the best of all time. formula 1, and it was a privilege to work with him. He will continue to race with us until the 2022 Abu Dhabi GP, which will be his 300th GP. We will give him a wonderful farewell.”

Team boss Mike Krack highlighted the German’s qualities and said that Vettel’s legacy in the team will last a long time.

“Sebastian is a great driver – fast, smart and strategic – and we will definitely miss those qualities. However, we all learned from him and the skills we gained from working with him will continue to benefit the team long after his retirement.” “Aston Martin is a big project with unlimited potential and the foundation that Sebastian made last year and is still making this year is important,” he agreed.

Mike Krack is the boss of Aston Martin, a position he has held since the start of F1 2022 (Image: Aston Martin)

Vettel’s career

Although he may not have been one of the best drivers on the grid in the ‘Drive to Survive Era’ that brought many new fans to the world championship, Vettel’s career is one of the most impressive of all time in over 70 years of F1.

Since making his grid debut at the 2007 US GP, in the latter part of the season, then aged 20, Vettel has competed in 289 races and has 11 more to go. Therefore, it will reach 300 Waganga. During this period, he won 53 races, was on 122 podiums, scored 57 poles and won four world titles. Numbers from historical heavyweights.

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Sebastian is tied with Alain Prost for the four-time world champion, behind only three other more successful drivers; he is the youngest in history to record pole and win in the same weekend (21 years and 73 days, 2008 Italian GP) and the youngest in history to record pole, win and fastest lap (21 years and 353 days, British GP 2009) . He is, along with Nigel Mansell in 1992, the rider with the most wins from pole in the same year (nine, 2011). Vettel is the third leading driver with the most wins and wins, the fourth with the most poles and the seventh with the most races in history.

Despite his start at BMW, Vettel made only eight races this season, the first with Red Bull, but the other seven already at Toro Rosso. The following year, 2008, he started on the B team of energy drinks and sparklers. Even with many retirements at the end of the year, he knew how to work to keep the team on track and make a magical second half of the year, with the right to win the Italian GP, ​​pole and all.

Vettel celebrated his retirement at the end of the year (Photo: Aston Martin)

Red Bull was the obvious destination, and so it was for 2009. That’s when everything changed for him and for the energy drinks team, which took a big step and left the leaders Ferrari and McLaren behind. The title did not come due to the Brawn GP situation, but Red Bull had a good chance. Vettel was the second world champion and came out on top in 2010.

So, yes, began one of the greatest moments of any driver in F1 history. At the age of 24, Vettel knew how to fight. With five wins this year, including three of the last four races, he won Fernando Alonso Vettel almost won the world title. He dominated in 2011 and had to deal with Alonso again for a triple, in 2012. In 2013 there was no doubt: Vettel was a tetra and still closed the season with nine victories in a row – ten in the last 11, 11 of 13 and 15 wins in all .

With the arrival of the ‘Hybrid Era’, in 2014, the composition of the forces changed and the rise of Mercedes was weathered, with the dominance of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Vettel seemed to give up that year and, in October, decided to go to Ferrari the following year. For the next six years, he defended the red color.

In early 2015, when Ferrari was rebuilding after the departures of Luca di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali and Alonso, Vettel won three times. By 2017, things have changed. Ferrari pulled away and put themselves in a position to face Mercedes, with Vettel starting the 2017 and 2018 championships strongly and leading at times, especially at the beginning of those years. Both championships have significant events that mark Sebastian’s departure from the fight: the accident with Max Verstappen at the start of the Singapore GP 2017 and the escape from the track of the German GP 2018. Hamilton got the best result in both cases.

Sebastian Vettel spent six seasons at Ferrari and became the third biggest GP winner (Image: Ferrari Media)

After the mistake in Germany, which came immediately after the victory in England, where Hamilton always dominated, Vettel did not recover. The end of the season was bad, when Charles Leclerc arrived the following year and quickly became the favorite of the team, which again changed the boss and president, leaving Maurizio Arrivabene and leaving with the death of Sergio Marchionne. Even without the coveted title, Vettel won 14 races for Ferrari – which puts the German behind only Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda.

The departure was announced at the end of 2020, but still before the start of the championship. Aston Martin, which was returning F1 as a brand after almost 60 years, he took the opportunity and signed with Vettel. In the first year, the four-time champion went second in the Azerbaijan GP and got the same result in Hungary, but, this second, he was disqualified for a technical violation related to the amount of fuel given in the inspection. Team problem. The expectation was to have a stronger team in 2022, but it didn’t happen. Aston Martin is back and thinking about how to get out of the bottom positions this year and next. Something difficult even with bold plans, and the right to a new factory with a wind tunnel, more employees and brand traditions.

An infinitely glorious task, of course. Averse to social media, in recent years Vettel has stepped up his approach to social issues, always at the circuits, taking advantage of the F1 platform. During this period, he advocated for climate issues and the protection of bees, a species that is under threat of global extinction – something that would change the planet’s ecosystem, as they are responsible for pollination -, for LGBTQIA+ rights and fighting wars. society after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than anti-racism. Now you will have more time to deal with other things.

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