Aston Martin sees “biggest change in history” and warns: “No one knows everything” – Formula 1 News

Aston Martin sees “biggest change in history” and warns: “No one knows everything” – Formula 1 News


THE Aston Martin continued the launch schedule formula 1 and delivered, this Thursday morning (10), his car for the 2022 season, AMR-22. With a real revolution in regulation, the new season should bring great challenges to all teams on the grid.

Andrew Green, technical director of Aston Martin said during the presentation that “the code changes in 2022 are unlike anything we’ve seen: a major change of direction in concept and application, perhaps the most significant change in chassis control throughout history, and very little legacy from 2021 to 2022 .”

The British engineer also hopes that, due to the abundance of information, cars should change quickly. “I think what we’re seeing here is the first version of the AMR22, we’re on a fast growth curve, everybody’s going to be, nobody has all the answers. I think we’re going to see this car go through a lot of development this season, paving the way for 2023 as well.

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The Aston Martin AMR22 (Photo: Disclosure/Aston Martin)

The team fielded a duo consisting of four-time champion Sebastian Vettel and Canadian Lance Stroll. In 2021, the team finished the Constructors’ World Cup in seventh place.

Even with so much uncertainty, Green sees in the new rules an opportunity for the team. “It’s a big challenge, a big rule change, going back to a lower car. So this was probably the most challenging winter we’ve ever had. But with new regulation comes new challenges and new opportunities,” said the British engineer.

THE Aston Martin also released some parts of the AMR22’s development process at its launch. “We’ve been developing this car in the virtual world for the last year, whether in the wind tunnel or in the simulator. It’s great to see you here in real life. We want to start releasing real car data soon, where we have to understand the car and understand how it relates to our development tools .

Now the next step to Aston Martin is on the road, with the first tests of formula 1which takes place inside Barcelona from 23 to 25 February.


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