Aston Martin sees a ‘killer instinct’ in the driver

Aston Martin sees a ‘killer instinct’ in the driver

Credit: Alonso. (Photo: Advertising)

Aston Martin saw Sebastian Vettel bid farewell formula 1 in recent days – announcing that he will be leaving the division at the end of this season. However, the brand quickly took action and was closed by another experienced rider for the following year: Fernando Alonso.

The two-time world champion will be the team’s starter from next season. For English team principal Mike Krack, Alonso’s choice for the team was ideal for his “killer instinct”.

Kudos to Alonso

“Fernando has a killer instinct, that no matter what, you know he’s always going to give it his all,” Krack said. “Always pushing 100%, always getting more from the car and the team. His racing ability is exceptional – an amazing combination of confidence, instinct and intelligence.”

With a ‘boring’ reputation and one of the most demanding pilots in the formula 1it is already being speculated that Alonso will make demands on the team – which currently has the second worst car on the grid.

Regarding this possibility, Krack admits that he is already expecting this situation, but the main goal is to have an experienced two-time champion side by side as the English team tries to change the standard in F1.

Vettel will leave F1

Last week, Sebastian Vettel shocked the entire motoring market by saying that he would be leaving formula 1 at the end of this season, saying goodbye to Aston Martin later this season and not returning to 2023. According to the driver, he is very passionate about his career, but feels that he needs to devote more to his family – deciding to retire. definite songs.

Following the announcement, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner commented on Alonso’s decision, joking that it was a “shame” that he wanted to leave the grid at his age, but said he understood the driver’s decision – who raced in the past. a few years. RBR