Aston Martin reveals car for its second season in F1, in 2022 |  formula 1

Aston Martin reveals car for its second season in F1, in 2022 | formula 1

About to start its second year as Aston Martin in Formula 1 and aiming to win the world title in five years, the British team released this Thursday the AMR22, the car for the 2022 season. The model maintains the team’s traditional green, but with a different tone, and carries the obvious changes observed with the introduction of the new F1 technical regulations, which will come into force in the championship starting on March 20.

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For 2022, Aston Martin kept its driver pair from the previous championship, created by Canadian Lance Stroll and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel. F1 returns on March 20, with the Bahrain GP. The team will still use Mercedes engines.

AMR22, Aston Martin’s car for the 2022 F1 season — Image: Disclosure

In the painting, the change of time was observed; British Green has given way to a greener greener; the pink stripes of one of the AMR21 sponsors, the 2021 model, gave way to green.

The front of the AMR22, Aston Martin’s 2022 F1 car — Photo: Disclosure

The AMR22’s design deviated slightly from changes introduced by rivals under the new F1 technical regulations, such as a long nose and arched front wing, fins under the new 18-inch tires and a narrow concept behind the single seat. – including a small one, under the rear wing.

Next season, Aston Martin is working to continue the evolution started in 2020, when it was still called Racing Point. At that time, the team fought for third place in the championship with McLaren, but could not maintain its performance in 2021.

Side view of the AMR22, Aston Martin’s 2022 F1 car — Photo: Disclosure

In an inconsistent year for Stroll and a thorough overhaul for Vettel, the team scored a seventh World Team Championship, with the German’s second place at the Azerbaijan GP as his only podium.

Changes also come off the track for the England team; his former team boss, Otmar Szafnauer, made way for Mike Krack, the former head of the automotive division at Germany’s BMW. The long-term aim of the team, which in 2021 also signed former McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh, is to reach the world championship in at least five years.

The British team is the third to reveal which will participate in the 2022 championship. Haas was the first, last Friday, to inherit RBR. Later this week, McLaren will hold its launch on Friday the 11th.

It is worth remembering, however, that the model is only a glimpse of the changes promoted by the new technical regulations of F1. The first real contact with the cars will be in the pre-season in Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​at the Circuit de Catalunya, from 23 to 25 February.

The 2022 season will introduce new technical regulations for Formula 1. The new car will have a larger, integrated front wing and side plates, wheel caps and fins covering the tires, as well as a completely redesigned rear wing.

One of the new things is the return to the concept of ground effect, in which most of the aerodynamic pressure is generated by the floor of the car and not by the wings and other appendages. The expectation is that single seaters will ride closer together, especially in the corners, which will create more friction on the track.

AMR22, Aston Martin’s 2022 F1 car — Image: Disclosure

Another important change in the cars of 2022 is the adoption of larger tires, from 13 to 18 inches. With that – and aerodynamic modifications – it is expected that the bolides will be at least 0s5 slower.

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