Aston Martin regrets safety car that ruined strategy in Jeddah – Formula 1 News

Aston Martin regrets safety car that ruined strategy in Jeddah – Formula 1 News

Mike Krack is the boss of Aston Martin, a position he has held since the start of F1 2022 (Image: Aston Martin)


Aston Martin remains one of only two teams in formula 1 not getting points in 2022 – the other is Williams – and the results of the last race, in Saudi Arabia, did not please the team. With Nico Hülkenberg in 12th and Lance Stroll in 13th, the Silverstone team once again showed no signs of fighting inside the top 10. Team boss since the start of this year, Mike Krack revealed that the planned strategy was down when the safety car came in.

“We decided to split our tire strategy,” he said. “Throw it [Stroll] It started with links with Nico [Hülkenberg] and the hard ones, and the safety car that is activated because of [Nicholas] Latifi on lap 16 brought a loss to those who started with hard compounds”, complained the team boss.

Lance Stroll in dispute with Lewis Hamilton in Saudi Arabia (Image: Aston Martin)

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The manager praised the race held by Hülkenberg – who replaced Sebastian Vettel, infected with Covid-19, for the second time in a row – and regretted the problems that befell Stroll, first in the team car and then when he was touched in the direct conflict. with Williams from Alexander Albon.

“After that, Nico was always behind, but he had a solid race and finished 12th,” said Krack. “Lance moved up a few places at the start, got passed by [Lewis] Hamilton and then reported the operating balance. He was able to stay in 11th place with a few laps to go, but then raced [Alexander] Albon and had car damage”, he complained.

Niko Hülkenberg was hampered by the safety car in Jeddah, according to the Aston Martin boss (Image: Aston Martin)

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In the end, the Aston Martin boss preferred to focus on the next championship race, in Australia, where the team intends to arrive with a more advanced car than what it has put on the line so far in 2022.

“He [Stroll] he had to go slow, but he was able to bring the car home – even after taking a lap,” said the British team principal. “Obviously we’re disappointed not to get the points, but from here we’ll go back to Silverstone, where we’ll work hard to improve our car for the Australian GP. “

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