Aston Martin looks to ‘huge success’ after first points at Imola – Formula 1 News

Aston Martin looks to ‘huge success’ after first points at Imola – Formula 1 News

Sebastian Vettel finished the Imola GP in a comfortable eighth place (Image: Aston Martin)


The Australian GP was a huge disappointment for Aston Martin. When Sebastian Vettel returned, the team saw two of its drivers crash and once again leave without points. Worse: rival Williams managed to finish in tenth place, thanks to the incredible performance of Alexander Albon. But in Imola, the British team turned the tables, and, even dealing with two cars that lost a lot of places, managed to bring an update and leave with a good result.

“We have it on the radar, it is still under control, there were predictions of these things, but they cannot happen every week. We managed, with a great effort from the Silverstone team, not to delay the update and we still have reserves. [Mas] we can’t do this every week, it was a huge success. The Australian GP was really hard for all the people who worked really hard, including the factory,” explained Mike Krack, Aston Martin team principal.

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Mike Krack praised Aston Martin’s collective effort at Imola (Image: Aston Martin)

Vettel already looked more comfortable on Friday in Italy when he managed to get the car into Q3 in wet qualifying. In the sprint race, both drivers ended up losing positions, but the team saw a good opportunity in the rain before Sunday’s race, leaving the track in similar conditions to Friday.

“We had a brief and we were saying that we had conditions like Friday, when we did a really good job, in my opinion, between the drivers and the team. We had to put the car in a higher position than it deserved in the race,” Mike recalled.

“So we said, ‘OK, today is fine [de sexta]’. We started 13th and 15th and, with those conditions, we knew if we work without mistakes, others can do some, so there will be a chance to get points.”

Lance Stroll scored his first points in 2022 at Imola (Image: Aston Martin)

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The result was eighth place for Sebastian and tenth place for Stroll. Despite this, Aston Martin overtook Williams, and currently occupies last place in the Constructors’ World Cup. Something that would not have been possible without good cooperation.

“It was a great response from the whole team, who were very ready and prepared at Silverstone, in mission control. It was a big, big team effort, and it was great that we made it happen. And it worked, which is something that doesn’t happen every time. time,” Krack concluded.

THE formula 1 it will return on May 8, for the Miami GP, the fifth stage of the 2022 season and which starts on the calendar this year.


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