Aston Martin is nodding to the possibility of Le Mans returning with a hypercar

Aston Martin is nodding to the possibility of Le Mans returning with a hypercar

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THE aston Martin seems focused on revitalizing its program Valkyrie Le Mans Hypercar for future entry the world in Opposition (WEC) co-owner of the brand, Lawrence Take a walkwho led his buyout in early 2020 and changed his team name from formula 1, race actionhe revealed his intention to return 24 Hours of Le Mans as a manufacturer in the future.

He told a group of motoring journalists during a summary at the launch of the AMR22 – Aston’s car for the new F1 season – last week that the carmaker is “in discussions” to restore endurance and that the return will come “in any form that fits the message they want to give”.

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Stroll said the Aston Martin Performance Technologies division being established at the new facility at Silverstone will be involved in the brand’s range of mid-engine supercars, including the Valkyrie designed by the company’s chief technical officer. Red bull, Adrian Newey.

This is related to indications that the Valkyrie LMH program, which was suspended in early 2020, may be about to be revived.

The new functional division will use the resources within the F1 organization provided by the level of the budget established for the 2021 season. These can be sent to the project, which was previously under the management of the Canadian organization Multimatic, which collaborated with Aston in developing the car. on the street .

The manufacturer has already announced a unique version of the model, named AMR Pro. It has many racing origins as a longer and wider car than the standard Valkyrie and, like the planned LMH, it is not a hybrid.

“In 2019, Aston Martin, Adrian Newey, Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) and engineering partner Multimatic worked hard on the design of the Aston Martin Valkyrie racing, with the aim of winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the new class of Hypercar,” said last year’s release note. “This advanced design now forms the basis of the new Valkyrie AMR Pro.”

It is unclear how the potential plan would be financed. Aston’s original plan was to pay for the development of the Valkyrie LMH by selling cars to customers.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

Photo by: engine1

The January 2020 announcement of the LMDh division, which provides a cheaper alternative to the WEC with LMP2 machines, jeopardized its business model, according to Aston.

The move, which was said to be a delay or “suspension” rather than a cancellation, also followed the acquisition of Aston through a consortium formed by Stroll.

The developer is known to have had discussions over the past 18 months with at least two groups about taking over funding for the Valkyrie program. What is not clear is whether Lawrence is using this method or intends to fund it internally.

A racing version of the model became possible in mid-2019 when the LMH rules were changed to allow street machines to be modified to compete in what was considered a prototype category only.

Aston announced its intention to compete in the WEC from the start of the 2021-22 season at Le Mans in June 2019, after receiving assurances that a performance equalization system would be implemented to ensure balance between the two types of racing. .

The brand did not elaborate on Stroll’s comments or reveal a timetable for the first definitive bid at Le Mans since the short-lived 2011 AMR-One LMP1.

“Sports car racing is part of Aston Martin’s DNA and we are of course keen to compete at the highest level of endurance racing,” said a spokesperson for Aston Martin Racing supporting our customers with Vantage GT programs around the world.

The GTE Pro program initiated by Prodrive’s Aston Martin Racing team, which began in the 2012 WEC revival, has ended following the 2019-20 title win, and Nicki Thiim and March Sorensen.

The return of the GT manufacturer in the WEC seems unlikely, as from 2024 the category will be only Pro-am after changing the basic GT3 rules.

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