Aston Martin is more self-righteous

Aston Martin is more self-righteous

Helmut Marko has already talked about these new features at Aston Martin. The FIA ​​had deemed the new AMR21 compliant. But, one thing had to be taken into account… Dan Fallows, former head of aeronautics at Red Bull, who has now joined the ranks of Aston Martin.

Andrew Green, the team’s technical director, explains, step by step, why there is no transfer of intellectual property with this car: “There are many details about the car that are different from Red Bull. The whole concept of the front wing is completely different. The front suspension is completely different. It also uses a completely different power unit, cooling system and gearbox. The rear suspension and rear brake levers as well. Everything is completely different. But there is a philosophy of lowering in the pontoon area that we have adopted. It is the same with Red Bull, but also a few other teams that have taken the same approach. There are many differences. And everyone seems to be paying attention a small part.

F1 – Aston Martin’s equivalent of Red Bull was declared compliant

Although the FIA ​​had announced the new AMR21 was on the way, the Red Bull clan didn’t seem happy with the situation and seriously questioned the validity of its upgrade.

But the decision is the same, which pleases the British team:“We were going through that path, and then when Red Bull started in February, it reinforced the way we were going. It’s normal, and you have the right to get inspiration from other teams. This is what we were able to show very clearly to the FIA. A big part of this package it was clearly made by ourselves, without any outside influence. They came to see and dig a lot, they asked me to name all the people who drew those pieces, they randomly picked them up and went to interview them. And they came to the correct conclusion that we did not use any other intellectual property. Everything was provided internally. But obviously you get inspiration from Red Bull, just like they got inspiration from our car. They have things in their car that were inspired by us. It’s original. But the general idea is something we developed independently.