Aston Martin F1 still badly damaged by ‘pose’

Aston Martin F1 still badly damaged by ‘pose’

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack admits there is confusion within the team as their progress is being slowed by the problems they have faced with fraud.

They are the only team not to score in 2022. As with many of its rivals, Aston Martin has been concerned about the car’s rapid loss and recovery, which undermines its drivers’ confidence in its performance.

The problem is caused by the low power generated by the car’s floor, which has been made stronger by the 2022 regulations. Until the team gets it under control, any updates aimed at improving the AMR22’s performance may be hampered by this.

“That’s what’s keeping us from moving forward,” Krack said. “We’re making progress, but to investigate it, we’re going through this pig barrier, which doesn’t allow us to investigate the progress that people have made.”

“So it’s really frustrating that you know you have some changes but you can’t use them on the track,” he added.

The team had a difficult weekend in Australia, where Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll had many technical problems and many incidents. Krack said the resulting damage will further complicate his efforts to resolve his issues with the AMR22, as resources will have to be diverted from development to replacement parts.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the number of incidents and the number of wings and front suspension we’ve destroyed, so you can quickly calculate how many we’ll need to go to Imola,” adding, “We’ll go. do we have the ability to develop ourselves or will we need to use our ability to make spare parts?” he finished.