Aston Martin explains why its big car upgrade didn’t work

Aston Martin explains why its big car upgrade didn’t work

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack explained why the car’s major upgrade didn’t go as well as they had hoped.

The update package was introduced for the Spanish Doctor, causing much discussion at the time due to some modifications – mainly regarding the side covers and the engine cover – compared to Red Bull’s RB18. Aston Martin has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the FIA ​​in the matter.

But in terms of track impact, Krack admits that the updates weren’t enough to solve the AMR22’s problems. “The updates worked. They have brought us one step forward, but not enough,” he said. “The fundamental issues the car is facing have not been resolved.”

With thoughts also focused on the development of the 2023 concept, Krack admits the team will have to find a balance to ensure they don’t bring next year’s car, while still looking for a solution for the current season. “It’s a very difficult decision,” Krack explained when asked if the team will focus their efforts next year or try to build their 2022 car. He also doesn’t want to commit to next year.

“Therefore, we have to evaluate very carefully what we can do at this stage to get out of the situation we are in, without jeopardizing next year’s car.

“There’s a lot of discussion going on there, with our technical people. We really need to get the balance right.”

Mercedes’ problems with the 2022 car have been well documented, and Toto Wolff has previously suggested the team needs to understand the issues with the current model before considering going in a different direction for next season. When asked if Aston Martin is facing a similar situation, Krack hinted that they already have an idea of ​​what is going on with the AMR22.

“I think our technical director understood and also knows what to do for the future,” he added. “But then it’s a matter of time and financial resources. [em termos de] what are you doing now, but I think it’s been recognized, yes.”