Aston Martin DBX707: the power of the world

Aston Martin DBX707: the power of the world

The British SUV is radicalized and, in the version with the name otvetydig, claims to be one of the most powerful on the planet. But not only.

If the first official photos of Aston Martin DBX707Little known, maintaining some doubts about some of its beauty details, its power is at least no secret. As with a certain brand of cheese, it’s written all over it.

From the same V8 4.0 biturbo of the original AMG that equips the “regular” DBX, its high-performance version, especially recognizable by its extended grille, produces an additional 157 hp. thus collecting a total of 707. The maximum torque is not left out as it jumps from 200 Nm to 900.

While we wait for Ferrari to pull out its SUV (who said it could be late?), Aston is showing it. unequal riders in the category, at least among its European rivals. Sure, without a V12, but without a battery or electric machine either! Even Lamborghini’s Urus has to bow out now.

The corruption of power obviously does not have consequences for other technicians. Automatic transmissions are the first to bear the brunt of this one questionable skill. It must really make room for another transmission, still counting 9 reports, but which evokes the Speedshift MCT from Mercedes-AMG since it has a multi-disc clutch instead of a traditional shifter.

Generally able to further reduce its slippage, this solution is promised to be more stable and above all more suitable for driving sensation and performance. His Launch Control would allow the DBX707 to leave, the first units of which should be released before the summer, from 0 to 100 km/h in 3”3. We only ask to try to see. The shortening of the final gear ratio advises in any case in favor of this chrono principle.

But there would be something more surprising, if this link stood on its 22″ rims (23″ as an option) and weighing more than two tons, it cuts the pavement as well as it claims later. The tested rear differential takes special care, such as steering assistance, to gain stability near the central station.

Updated, the active roll control powered by 48V and the adaptive suspension with pneumatic springs also check their adjustment for better control of body movements. These devices are finished here in series suspension system with carbon-ceramic discs whose diameter extends over 420 mm in front. It certainly does not take a little to stop such a behemoth of status which, by the way, benefits a reduction of about 40 kg of her unborn mass.

Showing some interest in making the car more fun to drive despite its SUV status, This DBX adds a few physical shortcuts to its driving position. It is enough to interact directly with the damping, ESP, exhaust function or even select the transmission manual mode, without getting lost in the multimedia interface. At least it is common sense in a machine whose concept can be confusing, at least as much as its price, which is expected to exceed €250,000.

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