Aston Martin DBX707 (2022): this is its first copy

Aston Martin DBX707 (2022): this is its first copy

Aston Martin has completed production of the first prototype of its new sports SUV, the DBX707. The one that bills itself as the world’s most powerful “Super SUV” will be sold in 50 countries.

The first part of A new collection is always a when moving to the car manufacturer. Aston Martinorphan of its CEO Tobias Moers, wanted to celebrate the assembly line release of its first DBX707.

The one he now claims to be A large SUV the world’s most powerful and fastest car (see our ranking) began its production phase at the Aston Martin factory in St Athan, Wales.

More 100 qualified technicians were recently hired by the brand to support its production, the first in Wales for a production car for almost 50 years. For the occasion, the SUV was inspected by the Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart, and the Deputy Secretary of State for Wales, David Davies.

The beginning of a “new age” for Aston Martin

“As the first car to be delivered under the product development cycle under the leadership of Lawrence Stroll, the DBX707 is a symbol of a new era for Aston Martin and the brand’s ability to combine high performance with high performance.” say Michael StraughanChief Operating Officer of Aston Martin Lagonda.

“The initial response from customers and the media has been great, and as we ramp up production of the DBX707 in St Athan, it’s great that we’ve had the opportunity to grow our team and create more employment opportunities for people in the local community. Wales has a rich culture. of manufacturing and engineering excellence and we are excited to shape the future and support this proud heritage. »

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