Aston Martin DBX, almost a small revolution

Aston Martin DBX, almost a small revolution

The mobilization of certain car brands inspires a certain kind of desirability as well as respect. Suddenly, it refers to the ideas developed since childhood, remembering, for example, that you set a specific example from your collection of small cars. So, the proposal to take the wheel of the Aston Martin DBX, for sure, will have the effect of an unexpected gift for an older child that we have left. It will also cause some joy to the idea of ​​being able to slip on another’s skin.

Because the British producer wakes up, unconscious, the arrival of the British James Bond, especially in his Sean Connery episode, when he is shown from the first episode on screen (Golden finger), on a DB5 gray metal wheel, somewhat improved by secret services.

The model that is about to run does not have all these special equipment. And moreover, he has not yet passed through the hands of agent 007. Maybe this is an opportunity to be able to get ahead of him on this point? The only exception is the ability to, more easily, try the manufacturer’s first SUV, assembled in Wales in a brand new factory that is completely dedicated to him.

DBX, Aston Martin at first glance

Almost a small revolution for the manufacturer accustomed to the race cycle, GTs and other large vehicles, which, however, had already established a few legal differences by providing, during its history, two sedans: Lagonda between 1974 and 1989, recognized among a thousand and its divisive structure and more recently Rapide, in early 2010, whose line was more in line with DB9, DBS, and Vantage of the same period.

The Aston Martin DBX follows, in a sense, this rule, because, from the first glance, we know that we are dealing with Aston and its standard radiator grille, which has become the visual signature of the Gaydon brand.

And then, of course, there are details in the design that are very characteristic of Aston Martin and rather unique to the SUV: a slightly sloping bonnet that fits a sports car, a roof line that bends from the center of the passenger compartment. , curved shapes that engrave the doors, the duckbill spoiler illuminated by the rear lights … many features that skillfully hide the dimensions of the model’s hospitality – more than five meters in height and two large.

So, next to the Range Rover – about the same thickness – that would come, as if fortunately, parking near your “DBX”, on the road rest area, Aston would look more athletic than ever when he had nothing to envy from a four-motor view.

On the basket

As a bonus, the Satin Solar Bronze (Satin Solar Bronze) shade of the tested model will give the overall structure a flexible texture to enhance the car’s dynamics. Because in terms of performance, the 550 hp V8 borrowed from Mercedes-AMG immediately puts DBX on the industry basket. And the model showing 707 hp has recently arrivedbecome the most powerful SUV on the market: there is no need to worry about Aston Martin’s sporting interest in its SUVs.

However, we may be surprised at the incredible ease of handling a DBX that weaves its way quickly into an urban fabric, tracking its path with great flexibility, or a joint venture, without difficulty, on a dirt road. And thanks to this, in particular, for its adjustable shock absorbing system that allows for a variation of vehicle height depending on the 9.5 cm range and an anti-roll control system that adjusts the view of the vehicle at the corner.

The most interesting thing would be that a simple look at the details of the upholstery, with the dashboard shapes, in short all the attention paid to creating a passenger room, one can be confident, in time, in peace. installed in an elegant handmade living room.

Clearly, using high speeds, 2.2 tons of machines will not be asked to defy the laws of physics, reminding you that you are driving with little comparison.

Until then, the Gaydon company had opposed the sound system that wanted SUV typing to be a good way to attract new drivers, thus ensuring greater profits for car manufacturers considered a niche. Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini… so they have decided not to let Land Rover eat this big cake alone.

With Aston Martin joining the group before Ferrari also very recently in the game. But correctly, the British manufacturer seems to have learned the lessons of producing a car that is very efficient, and in fact, the most suitable. However it will be necessary to wait longer, at least in Europe, for DBX to cross the route and supply electricity and thus change for more sustainability.

In short :

• Engine: 4.0 liter V8 Twin Turbo.
• Power: 550 hp.
• Torque: 700 Nm.
• Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 4.5 s.
• Top speed: 291 km / h.
• Type of transmission: 2 and 4 wheel.
• Gearbox: speed 9 automatically.
• Production of C02: 269 g / km.
• Height / width / height in mm: 5039/2050/1680.
• Weight: 2,245 kg.
• Price of tested model: € 222,350.

• Exhibitions.
• Creativity.
• Upholstery details.
• Comfort (with sound).

• Consumption.
• High price.
• CO2 emissions.

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