Artist Cristina Suzuki’s ‘Occupation’ at Paço de Santo André ends this Saturday

Artist Cristina Suzuki’s ‘Occupation’ at Paço de Santo André ends this Saturday

Photo: Angelo Baima.

Until Saturday (10/09) ‘Work’, by the artist Cristina Suzuki, will be held at the Exhibition Hall of the Paço Municipal de Santo André. The work was born from the “Printing” series, started in 2012, which, from the original drawing created by the artist and combined with itself in a different way, with a stamp, the artist transforms this element – called by ‘Figure 1. ‘ – into an image new on support, ratio and more different settings. The strange thing is that the Salon is taken from inside and outside: during the intervention, the space will remain closed and the public will be invited to find the artist’s work without entering the place, but to enjoy it from the outside, passing and moving around. building, which can be done 24 hours a day. This project was approved in Proac Expresso Lei Aldir Blanc nº 50/2021.

This is the first time for Cristina Suzuki to carry out a personal project in the city where she has lived and worked for more than 20 years. According to the artist, the proposal is to bring modern art to a space important to the daily life of the municipality: the Exhibition Hall opened in the 1960s and which forms an architectural and urban area in the center of the city that was designed by an architect. Rino Levi one of the biggest names in modernism in Brazil and landscape with the famous Brazilian artist Roberto Burle Marx.

For the artist, ‘Work’, more than the exhibition, can be interpreted as an event that proposes to speak with the exhibition space – the Exhibition Hall, located in Praça IV Centenário, in the city center, an area that includes the Municipal Palace of the municipality and considers three authorities, the Executive , Parliamentarians and Courts, as well as the Municipal theater, the Library and the building of the Secretary of Culture – and its natural features, how it has been made available to the public and. how this public interacts with him.

‘Publishing’ in public spaces – Cristina Suzuki implements projects that promote visual arts throughout the ABC region, such as a guide for visual artists, curators and cultural productions. Aldir Blanc’s Proclamation of Law made it possible for the artist to carry out this type of work in the past with the same location to own and interact with the public space in Santo André.

“Since I started taking outdoor positions, the desire to create more permanent installations has arisen, bringing this work back to the area I work in, as a public work”, explains Suzuki. A 150-meter public work installed in 2021 on the exterior wall of the Papa João I State School – which is located in Parque Novo Oratório, the neighborhood where the artist lives and installs his studio – was also authorized by the Aldir Blanc Law in 2020. and disclosed in a small document.

Just last year, in São Paulo, another Suzuki project was chosen by Funarte SP to occupy its exhibition spaces in the Eugênio Kusnet Exhibition Grounds and on the exterior wall of Alex Vallauri at the Cultural Complex in Alameda Nothmann, which is still available for visits.

about the artist – Born in São Paulo in 1967, Cristina Suzuki lives and works in Santo André. He graduated from Faculdades Integradas Teresa D’Ávila (Santo André/SP) in 1990. He researches different natural systems, reproduction possibilities and alternative ways of ‘spraying’ artwork, using drawings, photographs, objects, installations, digital graphics and videos. . In addition to his artistic production, he manages visual artists, organizes and is a cultural producer. He has participated in several contemporary art salons in Brazil and works in institutional collections.

Among the exhibits, the following stand out: Individual: 2021 – Structures Created by alternating figure 1 and figure 1 – Text Rejane Cintrão – Funarte – São Paulo, SP; 2020 – Common – Zipper Galeria – São Paulo, SP – text by Júlia Lima; 2018 – Alternative Drawing 1 and Figure 1 – SESI Digital Art Gallery – São Paulo, SP; 2017 – Fig. 1 and Fig. 1 changing mirror – Adelina Galeria – São Paulo, SP – curated by Ananda Carvalho; 2016 – Notice of invasion of SESI positions – Suzano, SP; 2014 – Exhibition Program of Casa da Cultura de Paraty – Paraty, RJ; 2012 – Digital Tax – Espaço Cultural do Solo Sagrado – São Paulo, SP; 2006 – Photocellular – Bernardo Mascarenhas Cultural Center – Juiz de Fora, MG. Together: 2022 – O Tempo Das Coisas – Motion of Edmilson Nunes – Centro Cultural dos Correios – Rio de Janeiro, RJ; Body of time, psyche and sound – curated by Bruna Marassato and Paula Fiorotti – Pinacoteca de São Caetano do Sul – SCS, SP; Articles: 1968-2022 – curated by Reinaldo Botelho – Paço de Santo André Municipal Exhibition Hall; 2020 – Arte como Respiro Festival at Itaú Cultural (online); Funarte RespiroArte Award (online); Remote Discussion – Casa Tato – São Paulo, SP – moderated by Guilherme Teixeira, Márcio Harum and Nancy Betts; 2017 – So that I can hear – Adelina Galeria – São Paulo, SP – curated by Douglas Negrisolli; 2016 – Santo André Contemporary Art Salon – Santo André, SP; 2013 – Praia Grande Salon – Praia Grande, SP; 2011 – 20th Atibaia Plastic Art Salon – Atibaia, SP; 39th Contemporary Art Salon of Santo André – Santo André, SP (Acquisition Award); 2009 – MARP Annual Exhibition Program – Ribeirão Preto, SP; 2007 – Art Pará – Belém, PA; 2006 – Recôncavo two years – São Félix, BA.


‘Work’ Cristina Suzuki

Location: Paço Exhibition Hall – Praça IV Centenário, s/n, Centro, Santo André – SP.

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