Arthur Mosso will represent Brazil at the E-sport World Cup – Jornal O Paraná

Arthur Mosso will represent Brazil at the E-sport World Cup – Jornal O Paraná

Brazilian Arthur Mosso Nunes, 22, traveled yesterday to defend Brazil in the Gran Turismo World Series 2022, the world final of the franchise that will be held on Saturday and Sunday at the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria.

The native of São Paulo won the World Championship for the first time after participating in 86 official races in Gran Turismo for the Manufacturers Cup, achieving eight victories, 33 podiums and 11 poles. Since 2021, the E-sport driver has competed with Mitsubishi, brand that he will protect in Austria.

To reach this point, “I was placed first among the competitors who were vying for the position of the Mitsubishi brand, and among three regions. [América do Sul, América do Norte e América Central]I was the driver who got the highest score from the construction company for creating the world title”, explained Arthur.

Despite living in the São Paulo suburb of Interlagos, where the José Carlos Pace Municipal Speedway is located, Arthur was never able to compete because of the cost. But in 2018 he began to participate in online competitions of the Gran Turismo Franchise, initially in the amateur championship, looking for entertainment, but in the same year he began to deal with the activity in a professional way. While participating in international events, he teaches driving lessons on the PlayStation 4 platform and teaches game mechanics to pilots who are new to the E-sports scene.

“This will be my first time competing outside of Brazil and I am very happy, because I couldn’t help myself. I am sure it will be a good experience not only for my work, let’s say, but also for my life. If I have arrived here, because of the results I have achieved, it is because I have a chance. So I will give everything to have a good performance.”

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