Artega Karo: Isetta is back

Artega Karo: Isetta is back

The confusion surrounding the small electric car of Isetta style continues. After the bankruptcy of Artega, Karo should start under a new manufacturer with a new name by early 2023.

When a dispute agreement between Artega and Micro Mobility Systems was announced in late November 2019, many asked the question of when? When will the Artega setter come to market? “The Karo-Isetta two-seater will go on sale in January through the local sales department and will be available for a brief visit. -Isetta “, read manufacturer Artega in early 2020.

New owner, new name, new start date

In April 2022, Karo is still out of the market, but Artega’s home page announces a new message: “… Artega GmbH is currently in the process of restructuring the economy and will be strategically reorganized under new management in the coming weeks …. you will know how the company and Artega Karo are doing. “

It is now clear there is clarity about Karo’s future. Artega was acquired over 100 percent by electric car manufacturer Electric Brands from Itzehoe, and they want to finally sell Karo under a new name from the beginning of 2023. The Electric brands themselves are known as X-Bus manufacturers. According to reports, the lightweight Karo car fits well in a wide range of Electric Brands. Because the building code is the same as the X-Bus. A small electric car in Isetta’s retro style is nearing completion. Permission for type with parallel comparison is already available.

For the production of “Karo”, Electric Brands is partnering with the manufacturer of the Akcurate system in Rosdorf near Göttingen. Key production equipment is established there and 250 job vacancies will be created. Rosdorf is initially planning 5,000 units, which will be manufactured by hand. Up to 30,000 small cars will be produced in the next few years.

This is a diamond

Electricity brands have not yet revealed what the new Artega Karo will be called and what it will cost in the end. In Artega itself, Karo 2020 should have started with a starting price of 17,995 euros for the Edition variant. With the launch of the market, however, Artega wanted to release the second layer of hardware from the chain: Intro. The limited edition, which costs from 21,995 euros, must have individual signatures and numbers. Both types were created in several colors and with a unique velor / leather interior. Two seats can be inserted through the front door which opens wide. A few controls are attached to the front door, but the pedestrian is close to the tall ones because of the narrow space of the tree. The result is a bruised knee.


Here is the checklist.

The car now has LED headlights, LED indicators connected to daytime running lights, and LED rear lights. The type 2 charging connector for the Isetta gas cap is on the back. There, a wide, open rear window provides a clear view.

In five seconds to 50 km / h

In terms of technology, nothing to mention should change compared to the Microlino already presented. In other words, the Karo-Isetta is 2.40 meters tall and weighs 450 kg without battery. It is classified as L7e and therefore does not necessarily pass any stop attempts. According to the manufacturer, it still passed the crash test at 50 km / h. Unlike the original Isetta, the Karo Isetta has a back gate. Behind it is a trunk space of 300 liters. The two seats have a 15 kW engine and 110 Nm of torque. Speed ​​from start to 50 km / h in five seconds. The top speed is limited to 90 km / h.

There are two battery sizes: The smaller version with eight kWh has a range of 120 km and charges from zero to 80 percent per hour and a 2-type plug. With a large 14.4 kWh battery, the Karo-Isetta has a range of up to 215 km. Depending on the connection, charge the battery from empty to 80 percent in two to six hours.

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Controversy over the Isetta-style electric car is not over. After the bankruptcy of Artega, Electrical Brands from Itzehohe took over the project, which is now scheduled to come to market under a new name in early 2023. Diamonds would undoubtedly be a real asset to the disenfranchised. Its 2.4 meter length also makes perfect sense for city traffic. In terms of safety, however, most motorists may miss a few inches of crumple belt around them.

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