Apple Copyright: VR for free driving

Apple Copyright: VR for free driving

The iPhone group Apple has subscribed to Real E-mail content technology in the United States, which can also help make sitting in cars driving freely comfortable.

Engineers and designers will have completely new design options when cars will drive freely in the future. Normal driver and passenger seating arrangements are no longer required, occupants of the vehicle may sit opposite or engage in other activities such as the use of media on reclining seats.

Several companies are already working to make it stay in the self-driving car so that one does not have to worry about movement. Above all, it is about preventing the risk of associated motion sickness. Most people already know that today. Anyone who reads or uses their smart phone as a passenger in a car complains of feeling bad over time.

Equipment and software against motion sickness

Apple technology group is also working on a similar system, according to a document from the US patent authority (US Patent and Trademark Office). The use of patents reflects the hypothetical 4D environment that encompasses the human environment in content presentation.

US Copyright and Trademark Office

VR technology should work in different seating positions.

Perhaps this can be used for controls or presentations in the workplace, but also for driving. The drawings show a seat that incorporates the movement of a moving car on its own kinematics. Anyone who watches a movie or plays a game, for example, would simply not notice the change in direction of travel or the changing pace in media content. The seat can adapt to movement and thus add comfort to a car seat.

Not just for the Apple car

This use of patents does not have to be a sign that the iPhone group will soon implement its long-awaited plans for its Apple car. Equipment and software can also be provided to automakers and other affiliates.

Reducing or preventing motion sickness has already been tried in a similar way. A few years ago, the French car manufacturer Citroën sold glasses that create a kind of artificial horizon in his online store. However, the product is no longer available.

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The patent application in the United States shows that Apple is working on 4D mail virtualization technology. The same technology can also be used in driving freely. Here it can help reduce or prevent motion sickness for passengers who want to use the media or relax.

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