Another SUV in the Chery galaxy

Another SUV in the Chery galaxy

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Jetour is a brand launched in 2018 under the leadership of Chery Automobile. The brand has officially launched the Jetour Dasheng, a new compact SUV for the Chinese car market. The Dasheng is the first in a new range of Jetour vehicles, aimed at a new generation of buyers. Dasheng can be translated from Chinese as “Great Sage”, according to traditional Chinese legends

The basic version has front-wheel drive, and the most expensive – all-wheel drive. The front end features a split headlight design – a pair of very narrow, horizontal lights at the top, and larger, squarer lights at the bottom – and a grille with scaly elements that protrude into the body of the car. By doing (a lot) of the work of your imagination, you can get inspiration from the Lamborghini Urus…On the side, the SUV sports clean lines, retractable door handles and large 20-inch alloy wheels. The rear is more conventional, with sculpted taillights and a roof spoiler. The sloping roofline, pronounced wheel shoulders and ribs on the hood also provide a powerful look.

The interior takes on a minimalist design. The 15.6-inch central screen has a third-generation high-performance Snapdragon chip and supports AutoNavi, Tencent and Baidu navigation maps. The interior also features a full 8-inch LCD screen, HUD head-up displaya tilt-down steering wheel, voice recognition, a wireless charger in the center console and level 2+ driver assistance functions, including cruise control and lane change.

The Jetour Dasheng is available in petrol and PHEV hybrid versions. The clean fuel version comes with two engine options: 1.5T+6MT/6DCT and 1.6T+7CDT. The 1.5T engine has an output of 156 horsepower and a torque of 230 Nm. The 1.6T engine has an output of 197 horsepower and a torque of 290 Nm. The PHEV version has a 1.5T engine with a 3-speed DHT gearbox, a maximum power of 326 horses, a maximum torque of 565 Nm.electric range of 100 km and fuel consumption of 1 L/100 km.

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It is difficult to navigate in this model group, but the Chinese manufacturer Jetour, which is part of the Chery group, is adding a small SUV to its range, the Dasheng, which is aimed at younger customers by adopting a dynamic design.