Anniversary in the Austrian market – AUTOWELT

Anniversary in the Austrian market – AUTOWELT

We meet the person who brought us to Hyundai for the first time at a press conference for a one-year commemoration in Carinthia (Katschberg).
Je! do you know what the first Hyundai model was released in Austria? And maybe you know what time it was?

Alfred Stadler: More precisely, there were four models that Hyundai started with in Austria in 1992: Hyundai Pony, Hyundai Lantra, Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai S-Coupé. In 2022 Hyundai Austria will be celebrating its 30th birthday – for this reason we look back on a few key steps and at the same time look at the future as a successful brand.

1992 – begins
The first presentation in Austria will take place from February 19 to 23 at the Vienna Vehicle Exhibition. One year earlier, founder Ing. Alfred Stadler, who is now on the Management Board in Denzel, held talks with Korea at home on the terrace, as the company had no location at the time.
On September 15, 1992, the first Hyundai press conference was held at the World Trade Center in Schwechat, September 17. Hyundai starts with 62 dealers.

1994 – new branch
Hyundai Import is investing 55 million ATS in a new sales and residential building in Handelskai in Vienna.

1997 – Denzel Group calls
The next important step comes in 1997 when Hyundai Import becomes part of the Denzel Group.

2005 – change of location
Hyundai now has its headquarters in Richard Strauss Str. 14 in the 23rd district of Vienna.

2006 – new boss
Hyundai Importer Founder Alfred Stadler hands over the management stick to Hansjörg Mayr, Stadler becomes Wolfgang Denzel Auto AG CEO

2007 – Go to Europe
This year, Hyundai models will be developed and produced in Europe for the first time.

2010 – number one
Hooray, Hyundai is the largest Asian brand in Austria for the first time! In addition, the annual unlimited mileage warranty is being introduced for the first time with the new i30 and ix35.

2011 – becomes modern
From now on, the trend is not only “low cost”, but “modern payment”, and more value is also placed on quality, innovation and design. The new philosophy is “New Thought, New Power”.

2012 – model fireworks and clicks
20th Anniversary! But there are new types of showers: 2nd generation i30, sedan i40 and station car, 3rd generation Santa Fe, facelift i20, Genesis Coupé and Veloster Turbo.
And once again the invention: i10 Click is the first model in Austria that can be purchased online.

2013 – number two
No, that’s not original, but: For the first time, Hyundai is the second largest brand (behind the VW) in the entire Austrian market – with a market share of 6.61%!
Not surprisingly, after all, Peter Schreyer is now taking over the structure of the Hyundai Automotive Group.

2014 – Hydrogen March
Hyundai is a pioneer when it comes to alternative drives and introduces the first hydrogen car, the ix35 FuelCell, for its model frequencies. There is also a lot going on in terms of staff: Roland Punzengruber takes over immediately.

2015 – Quality first
A new quality attack is called Personal Premium, in fact everything is and will focus on quality.

2016 – all good things come in three
Ioniq sees daylight in the world of Hyundai – the first car with three different electric drives, PHEV and hybrid.

2018 – a quarter of a million cars
Corks pop January: Hyundai celebrates 250,000 registrations in Austria! By: This brand launches the first electric SUV, the Hyundai Kona Electric, and the second hydrogen car manufactured in series, the Hyundai Nexo.

2020 – online live
From now on, priorities are no longer on high-level models. Instead, the goal is digital placement, electronic placement and mobility versions. An example of this is the registration of a Hyundai car via ViveLaCar. Or the option to buy cars online via “Click2Buy” – even in the middle of the night if you want. Submissions will no doubt continue to be made through the seller.

2021 – BEV platform itself
Ioniq 5 is the first Hyundai model based on the BEV platform developed specifically by Hyundai, the Global Modular Power System (E-GMP).
Staria, in turn, is following a new “In-External” design approach: the design begins within the interior and continues outside.

2022 – anniversary year
Each anniversary requires specific examples or special campaigns. So, this year there are price gains of up to € 6,000 and various bonuses as well as Hyundai models “version 30” and “version 30 plus” with special detailed accessories and attractive prices.
• i10
• i30 as hatchback, station wagon and fastback
• Corner gasoline, hybrid and electric models
• Ioniq Hybrid
New models are also expected this year: Hyundai Ioniq 6, sedan is already in the starting blocks, followed in 2024 by Ioniq 7, a larger SUV.

2023 until – and so it continues
The motto is: CO2 reliability. This is based on three pillars
• The range of “clean” products has been expanded
• New platforms are being developed
• Investment is made in solutions with green energy technologies
From 2035, only electric batteries and hydrogen electric vehicles will be sold in Europe. By 2040, Hyundai will reduce its carbon emissions by 75 percent, below 2019. By 2045, Hyundai will be carbon-free in its products and international operations.

Hyundai Attractions
The most successful Hyundai:
Tucson / ix35 (2004-2010 Hyundai Tucson, 2010-2015 ix35, since then Tucson again)

The second most successful Hyundai:
Getz / i20 (Getz of 2002-2009, since 2009 i20)

The third most successful Hyundai:
i30 (since 2007)

Hyundai’s largest “Flop”:
Grandeur, sold only 40 times in Austria.

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