Anitta, Molody and beef with Lamborghini on social media

Anitta, Molody and beef with Lamborghini on social media

Sant’Agatta Bolognese is in turmoil with a fight between funk singers Anitta and MC Melody over their Lamborghinis. The artists threw spades at each other on social media involving the cars of the Spanish bulls.

It all started on Wednesday (18) when young Melody won, as a gift for her 15th birthday, a Lamborghini Gallardo, worth R$ 1.3 million. The next morning, Anitta posted a photo with the Urus, the Italian brand’s SUV. It was the source of beef between the two artists.

Young Melody, who is not old enough to run her birthday present, posted on social networks: “Anitta bought it, it can’t be a coincidence. It’s his money, but he copied it, didn’t he?”, emphasized the young man.

Moments later, Anitta straightened up. The singer said he would not buy a car at that price. He claims he rented an Italian SUV. “My car was being serviced and I needed to go to the gym. I like driving. I asked for a ride to the rental car. I ordered the first one I had and the only one I had was this one. I remain tight-lipped,” he posted.

More than a Lamborghini

But the singer did not stop only in the justification of honor. “But he is very bright and I have to shine”, wrote Anitta. And he did not stop, he took the opportunity to wash his dirty clothes using one of Melody’s songs, which was released on air, and said that he should take care of his colleague’s work instead of his father.

But what is the bottom line when it comes to Lamborghini has not been said. Neither of the two posted on their bio if they had memorized the Lambo spark plug order. You must know, right?

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