André Marques buys a R0,000 car to travel with the store

André Marques buys a R$280,000 car to travel with the store

André Marques, 42, already has plans after leaving Rede Globo, where he worked for 27 years. To invest more in his business side, the broadcaster bought a R$280,000 car to travel around the country with his butcher shop.

In an Instagram post, André shared a video of the vehicle, a Mitsubishi pickup truck. L200 Triton Sport, which already appears with the logo boutique of meat. “Wake up, child. Father is here. It’s close! Not long. Worry … the world here I come. Shall we cook with me?”, he commented.

According to information from Extra magazine, the idea is to travel to discover new foods and cultures, as well as record content for the Internet. André Marques has owned Premium since 2013. The business has units in Barra da Tijuca and Leblon, both in Rio de Janeiro. He often presents prepared dishes in places on his social networks.

“I traveled the world. I got to know different types of meat, I tasted it, I tasted it, I read it. I went to Disney in the world of beauty, which is New York, just to taste different meats. I know what it really is.” I sell and to whom I will sell”, he said in an interview with Jornal do Recreio during the launch.

Next time in the kitchen?

In his farewell text from TV Globo, the actor made it clear that his passion for cooking will be part of his new projects. “I will cook for Brazil and the world,” he said.

In an interview with Gshow released in 2019, André Marques, who has never followed the activity professionally, said that the tradition of cooking has existed since childhood.

“Actually, it’s love to make others happy. At home alone, I eat instant noodles and go to bed. I like to cook for others, to see a full house”, he joked.

André Marques says he became more dedicated in 2014, when he won the third season of “Super Chef Celebridades”, the “Mais Você” feature.

The departure of André Marques from Globo

He started as a presenter in 2002 on “Video Show”. He presented “Superstar” (2014 and 2015), replaced Ana Maria Braga in “Mais Você”, and later directed “The Voice Kids”, “The Voice Brasil”, “No Limite” and “The Voice +”.

In October 2021, Globo announced that André Marques will no longer be the presenter of “No Limite” in 2022, which is now directed by Fernando Fernandes.

It is worth noting that André Marques does not seem to please the fans of the reality show in the 2021 edition, which marked the return of the program and brought together former members of the BBB competing. The criticism was so intense that the show’s host’s name ended up on Twitter’s Trending Topics.

André Marques also had to replace Tiago Leifert in the version of “The Voice Brasil”, at the end of 2021. Tiago recorded the first phase of the competition, but left the program for “personal reasons”.