And if the Piastri case was resolved on a legal basis?

And if the Piastri case was resolved on a legal basis?

If Oscar Piastri’s contract with McLaren for 2023 has been approved, the “Contract Recognition Board” may still have doubts.

The CRB is a body recognized by teams and sports authorities to resolve contractual disputes.

His opinion is considered final, therefore without recourse (especially to a civil court), unless a conflict with the previous contract has been presented to him.

After confirming the agreement concluded by McLaren and Piastri, it is considered that the Australian pilot had no intention, at least in the contracts that were investigated by the CRB.

However, there is talk of a previous contract with Alpine for 2023 that should have been considered, if we believe the Tweet of our colleague from Canal + Laurent Dupin (see below) emphasizing the parallel between the case of Piastri and that. promoted and signed IndyCar champion Alex Palou also by McLaren, while the latter is under contract with his current employer Chip Ganassi Racing.

A US federal court has been appointed to judge the case and one wonders if the CRB will not have to look again at Piastri’s contract with McLaren if it appears that there was already a deal between the Formula 2 champion and Alpine.

Optional clauses in the previous contract, which expired at the end of 2022, would have made it possible to release him on certain terms on July 31, but Piastri’s signing at McLaren would have taken place the day before, on a Hungarian Saturday. Grand Prix.

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Business to follow therefore, even if it is difficult to see Alpine succeeding and being able to force the Australian driver to honor his promise against his will … unless an amicable agreement is reached between Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren, and Laurent Rossi, the Alpine (pictured above), perhaps for a practice swap with Daniel Ricciardo?