An innovative example of a light motorhome

An innovative example of a light motorhome

NEXSD One is an innovative streamlined model of motorhome, which is the best for its aluminum structure, which allows it to reduce its weight.

NEXSD Automotive Design is a subsidiary of SD Automotive: this German company presented at the Dusseldorf Recreational Vehicles Show a new model of the innovative updated motorhome: the NEXSD One. According to the German coachbuilder, this model shows the lighthouses of the future.

NEXSD One is scheduled motorhome resting on the base of the Volkswagen Crafter carrier, and being 6.90 meters long. Its appearance is reasonable, but its main property is hidden in what is not visible at first glance.

NEXSD One: a super light body

In fact, the model has aluminum body, with a cellular structure made from this ultralight material, part of which is recycled. In addition to saving weight, aluminum is also stronger than steel, and ensures more safety in the event of an accident.

If the NEXSD One has a GVW of 3.5 tonnes, its empty weight is 2.14 tonnes, an advantage of 235 kg compared to the Crafter L4H4 on which it is based. In total, the payload is about 700 kg, which is a function of this type of car.

NEXSD One: the smart back door

The NEXSD One is also known for its smart features, like this one large back door 117 cm wide and 176 cm high available at the back: it facilitates loading, or allows easy access to the back of the car.

Inside the ship, its equipment is installed by Vansformers, a German pioneer specializing in fitting cars and vans. There is a lounge at the rear, with a bench seat opposite, which converts to a double bed 198 x 200 cm. seconds double bed 185 x 200 cm also hidden in the cabin, which easily accommodates four people.

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NEXSD One: multiple devices

There is also a bathroom in the middle, as well as a kitchen unit with induction hobs and a 51 liter internal fridge. The tanks can hold 115 liters of fresh water and 80 liters of waste water, while the 400 Ah LiFePo4 batteries can be charged using solar panels placed on the roof. Two 2,000 W diesel heaters also complete its endowment.

NEXSD wants to produce its own high-light motorhome in the near future, and is currently looking for industrial partners for this. And even if the German company has not yet announced the price of its NEXSD One, it is a safe bet that it is not cheap, since aluminum is a more expensive material than steel.

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