an improved experience of charging electricity

an improved experience of charging electricity

Group volkswagen expands its network of charging centers in Europe, and not less than 310,000 payment points throughout the Old Continent, including nearly 10,000 fast charging stations in more than 3,000 stations. The German manufacturer also invests in the development of public fast payment networks: by 2025, around 45,000 points for fast payments should be created in Europe, China and the United States.

Volkswagen (Charging), SEAT, Cupra (Easy Charging) and Skoda (Powerpass) will now provide a cheap price for the payment of electric vehicles, and the choice between three basic tariffs, per hour fixed prices per kWh used. In Francerefill however will remain with the invoice fixed rates per minute. Access to Ionity Internet channels will also be at preferential rates.

Volkswagen: more convenient for electric charge

Through a partnership called Selected Partner, customers of the German group brands will be directed to payment terminals that provide optimal reception conditions, directly through the integrated navigation system of its electronic structures. The quality criteria will include in certain reliability, climate protection, but also the possibility of snacks. Therefore, you will be sure to be able to charge again electric carwhile enjoying a coffee break protected by rain or wind.

To make charging an electric car even faster and easier to use, Volkswagen is planning …Find out more about Autoplus

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