An impressive 4×4 motorhome: the new Earthroamer SX

An impressive 4×4 motorhome: the new Earthroamer SX

American brand Earthroamer specializes in off-road motorhomes. Based on the pickup chassis, its models play in the top category, with equipment and prices that make your hair stand up. The new SX defies the best, with a $995,000 base price and stratospheric specs.

All it takes is a picture showing the motorhome in its full length, to understand that Earthroamer is launching the big game with its new SX model. Based on the Chevrolet 6500 pick-up, it has a length of 10.36 m and a height of 3.65 m (the width remains “reasonable”: 2.44 m). The total weight has changed for this XXL size: 10.5 tons … Under the hood also, this motorhome has American characteristics: 6.6 l V8 engine of 350 hp, Allison 6-speed automatic gearbox, not to mention the wheel drive. A true gamer, who also enjoys…

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Giga beds, induction kitchen… and optional wine cellar

Inside, the arrangement is available in four types, changing the size of the dinette and the kitchen. The standard plan takes the standards of backpacker motorhomes built by coaches. So the bed is in the front, in the cabin. It has a size of 182 x 213 cm. The central part of the cabin is dedicated to the kitchen and bathroom. The first includes a fridge-freezer, an induction hob, a microwave, and can be equipped with a dishwasher or even a wine cellar. For the bathroom, it has a shower separated (with a glass wall) from the wash-WC.

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Large U-shaped living room at the rear

Forward is a large U-shaped saloon that can be converted into a bed (presenting generous dimensions as a loft bed), framed by rectangular bay windows. Once again, the environment is that of an adventurous motorhome: these windows are rectangular, wider than they are high. One of them is also blocked by a television, which is lowered from the ceiling.

Equipment: freedom without limits

As for the equipment of this Earthroamer SX, the list is more space than motorhome. Look instead: 379 liters of diesel, 454 liters of fresh water, 1600 watts of solar panels and 18000 Watt/hours of electricity storage (in lithium batteries). Of course, there is also a diesel heater on board (designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures) and climate control. Outside, in addition to the necessary luggage equipment (lighting channel on the grille, all-terrain tires, spare wheel), the motorhome has an external trunk including a barbecue.

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Earthroamer SX price top $1 million

As noted above, the base price presented by Earthroamer for this SX is $995,000. The brand notes that the fully equipped model will cost 1.1 million instead. A huge amount for a car with exceptional skills.

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