An electronic cigarette explodes on a young woman’s bed in Maringá

An electronic cigarette explodes on a young woman’s bed in Maringá

An electronic cigarette explodes and scares a young woman. Image: Video Playback

Video recorded by a young resident of Maringá (SEE BELOW) began to have an impact on social networks this Wednesday morning, the 4th, and drew attention. In the recording, the boy reports moments after the electronic cigarette (shell model) exploded. According to him, the device would be repaired and explode after being plugged in to be charged.

In the photos, the boy, who did not want to be identified, plays bed movies in a burned-out room. The video still shows, below, some of the chargers that were destroyed by the explosion.

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Information go there, stay there with a shell, keep fixing it guys. The pod does not explode, no! It doesn’t do anything, no. Go ahead, keep reloading there,” he said sarcastically.

In the video, it is still possible to hear a member of the boy’s family in the background, quite worried and “scolding” the boy because of the situation. Despite the fear, no one was hurt by the explosion.

Experts have already clarified many times that those who think that electronic smoking devices are not harmful to health are wrong. Among the main diseases are respiratory diseases. E-cigarettes can cause mild respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and chest pain to serious illnesses such as Eval, which can lead to respiratory failure and death. In addition, there is research showing that the risks posed by vaping are the same or more severe than those expected from the use of traditional cigarettes.

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Although these notifications are made regularly, one in five young people between the ages of 18 and 24 use electronic cigarettes in Brazil, according to a survey released by Covitel/Umane on the 27th. The unprecedented data is the result of an interview with 9,000 people by phone. , in all regions of Brazil.