An Audi stored for 30 years in a barn is sold for R$ 125,000

An Audi stored for 30 years in a barn is sold for R$ 125,000

A 1982 Audi Quattro Turbo was abandoned in a barn for almost 30 years and was auctioned last Tuesday for 20,250 pounds – about R$125,000 at current prices. The model does not appear to be in the best condition, however it is intact and awaiting restoration.

In the white paint job, your Fuchs bodywork and wheels need to be cleaned and treated for some rust spots. Despite this, the seller says in the ad that the car is in good condition from a general point of view. Although currently removed, the brake calipers, pads and covers go with the car.

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However, along with the body work, the interior also needs a new investment from the buyer. That’s because, in addition to the poor condition of the car after several years of suspension, there is no sound system for Alpine speakers.

On the mechanical side, a 2.2-liter inline five-cylinder turbo unit is next in the car, with a five-speed gearbox. But, of course, it doesn’t work.

Check out more on the auction link.

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