An artist has blown up a Lamborghini Huracan to create 999 NFT items

An artist has blown up a Lamborghini Huracan to create 999 NFT items

The Non-fungible Token (“Non-fungible Token”, in free translation), also known as NFT is a new fever that has spread on the Internet in recent days. NFT is a type of digital certificate, signed through the blockchain, which defines the authenticity and uniqueness of digital goods and the success is that it transfers millions of money in the purchase of assets on the Internet.

An artist decided to take advantage of this and blow up a Lamborghini Huracan to create 999 individual NFTs: most of them will be auctioned from February 25th.


As a result of the explosion, the artist known as Shl0ms produced 888 videos detailing the parts of the Lamborghini that will be auctioned. Bidding on NFTs will start at 0.01 Ether each (approximately BRL 134.16). But to recover the “invested” money – about R$1,290,000 – the artist needs to sell each piece for just over 0.01 Ether.

For those out there buying these tokens, be aware that you will not physically receive your own “piece” of the Huracan. Shl0ms said that those who buy one of the 888 publicly available NFTs will receive a video of it spinning, not the actual part itself. The artist also emphasized that the pieces are being taken care of and will not be distributed, but he did not rule out possible exhibitions with them.

Another 111 pieces of NFTs were destined for the team behind the project.

Explosive process to create NFT

About 111 people worked to carry out the destruction of the Italian sports car in a perfect way, so that the most beautiful and artistic pieces were possible.

In an interview with Automotive Trends Shl0ms said the team behind the project needed to carefully place loads around the Lamborghini to prevent too much damage. For this, two weeks of tests were carried out with the destruction of the real car until the prototype was destroyed.

Hear the roar of an Italian supercar engine

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