An artist from Maringa releases a song that describes his experience as a transgender person

An artist from Maringa releases a song that describes his experience as a transgender person

Trans artist from Maringa Leffs has just released his new single ‘Iluminar’. ‘Photo: Max Miranda.

At the age of 24, trans artist from Maringa Leffs has just released his new single ‘Iluminar’ – watch the clip at the end of the article. The new song, according to him, is based on a discussion about the constant monitoring that the bodies of the opponents suffer every day.

“The established rules have a strict procedure to police actions that violate their restrictions. Recognizing this gear is the first step to winning. I was looking for a new voice that would transmit the energy of the dance floor and allow me to say what I was feeling about my experience as a trans person in Brazil. In a great process of collaboration with the dj and producer Chá di Lirian, we arrived at this place. We are betting on the underground hall to build this beauty without straying from the signs of my songs”.

A trans person is someone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. But Leffs teaches that the important thing is that socially we are more accustomed to the idea that trans people will move to a different gender pole, which is understood as a binary (male or female). “However, gender is a product of the social construction of power, and human differences cannot be limited to two choices. Therefore, gender must be understood as a spectrum and people who cross boundaries must have the freedom to construct their identities freely, without satisfying expectations about gender-specific performance”, he explains.

He says that artistic creation, production, composition, alone, in theory, do not differ in relation to the processes of cisgender artists (people who identify with the biological sex they were born with). However, he warns that it is foolish to think that art and the artist do not mix. “My songs are products of my experiences, the experiences and access I have are also influenced by the power system we are embedded in as a society”.

“Being a trans person, especially for those who do not fit into the upper binary levels (male or female) and who, therefore, do not have the ability to pass through society, is an experience full of violence of different types and scales. This context affects my speech and my art. I seek to sing about embracing life and all the possibilities of women, even with all these obstacles.”

A singer, songwriter and music producer, Leffs has been active in the music and acting industry since 2018, when he started his YouTube channel doing covers. His writing career began in 2020, with the release of the EP ‘Quarentena Eletrohits’, with four experimental songs about his experiences in the most closed period of social isolation due to the covid-19 pandemic. “The songs are mine, the EP and the Normal single I made everything myself (composition, arrangement, mixing, mastering), the single Mind, the composition is mine and Samuel Amaro, he also arranged and produced the music like everyone else. In the new release, Iluminar, the lyrics are mine, the production and music arrangement is by Chá di Lirian and the mixing and mastering was done by Nicholas Emmanuel, from Produtora Casa Amarela”, he says.

The routine of the profession is the composition and production of songs in the studio every week, as well as the production of sound. The artist highlights that he is always attentive to new trends on social networks and provides content to communicate with the public, as well as developing projects and cultural events for public notices or independently.

“I have always had a strong relationship with music, acting, art and culture in general. In my childhood and youth I was part of a theater group, choir, dance classes. At university I studied Production Engineering and during my training I looked for ways to connect the area of ​​management with music and culture, developing research projects on the chain of music production and connecting with the cultural network of Maringá. Since then, I have been developing my artistic project”.

Photo: Felipe Lofrano.

Now, with new releases this year, the artist’s goal is to bring audiences from digital to face-to-face at shows in Maringá and the region.

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