An artist blew up a  million Lamborghini and sold the leftover NFTs

An artist blew up a $1 million Lamborghini and sold the leftover NFTs

Artist Shl0ms blew up a Lamborghini Huracán, took a picture of it and is now selling NFTs of the 999 pieces of the car found after the incident. All found artifacts were recorded on circulating video and will now be sold to those who want to be the owners of the relevant records.

The blast film crew, of which there were 111, have now received their NFTs, so 888 are still available for auction.

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Having an NFT is having a public record that says you own a digital work of art. However, there is no restriction that one can copy this graphic by downloading. NFT simply tells people that you are the “owner” of the artwork in question, which has been the target of celebrities lately, with others spending a lot of money.

In the case of Lamborghini, bids start at 0.01 Ether, which is currently worth $25 in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The shutdown will begin on February 25, the day Shl0ms promises to release the full video of the explosion.

NFTs of large chunks of the blown car are the most targeted, and will undoubtedly have the highest bids.

A used Lamborghini Huracán was worth about US$200,000. Auction funds will go towards future public art installations.

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