an arrangement that does not say its name

an arrangement that does not say its name

The small SUV from Lexus launched in 2019 receives a complete structural, technical and hardware upgrade. Toyota’s premium branch is not talking about redesigning this adjustment.

Increased difficulty

Lexus improves the stiffness of its small SUV with extra welds on the chassis as well as more compact rear door hinges. The Japanese manufacturer integrates Adaptive Flexible Suspension (AVS) as standard with the best suspension hands, system controls improved by vibration and sudden changes in the vehicle.

The media system is fast moving

Lexus announces that it will upgrade its UX with a faster media system, in particular it will install cloud navigation as usual, which allows traffic information to be identified in real time. In addition, in the event of a network loss, integrated navigation allows you to find your way back to the 12-inch version. Media content varies depending on the finish, it can be 8 inches, 10.3 inches or 12 inches as specified.
The design of the cabinets changes somewhat with the screen next to the driver and the touchpad controls are dropped.

The passenger compartment has a new cream upholstery and a new Iridium Gray body paint function.

Driving equipment is replaced by an emergency brake that now operates at an intersection or maritime navigation controller that locks the brakes on curves.

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