an amazing example without hiding

an amazing example without hiding

Would the Running Horse already consider replacing the Portofino M? An unexpected meeting with the model Ferrari Roma Spider suggests.

Ferrari Roma Spider (2023) – For fifteen years, the honor fell to a changeling to take charge of the entry ticket within the Ferrari range, through the California and the Portofino, before the Rome revolution was launched in 2020. The second, which did not replace any model when it was launched, would be perfectly legal today to be found as a convertible. For this case, The current Ferrari Portofino M would be asked to slide in order not to cannibalize the foreign market.

Return to the canvas

This is probably what the Ferrari management is considering, on the horizon 2023, the year that will logically coincide with the end of life of Portofino M, then 3 years old, the average life cycle of a Scuderia car. So it’s no surprise that a prototype Roma Spider has been spotted at the Maranello factory in recent days. We owe these images to the account @zff_passion, itself posted by the Youtube channel Varryx, which allows us to view the future 3/4 reversible back, probably withsoft top, thus breaking with a long line of hardtops was introduced by California in 2008. A sustainable strategy aimed at significantly reducing animal weight to improve performance while reducing consumption and therefore polluting production.

Over €210,000

Logically, this future Ferrari Roma Spider would replace the 4.0 l V8 block of 620 hp from the coupe which also rages under the hood of the Portofino M. In terms of price, the Roma convertible will probably go up over €210,000 while the Coupe currently commands over €200,000, compared to around €207,000 for the Portofino M.

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