Amazon blocks Prime Video

Amazon blocks Prime Video

If you want to buy online, you no longer need a laptop and a browser, at least not necessarily. How about Amazon, where you can also import all kinds of items through your own app. However, the retailer recently imposed restrictions on its customers and has since offered no more products for sale there. Now the next group program is in revision.

→ The Amazon app is severely restricted – most purchases are only possible on the browser

Amazon suspends: Prime is also blocked

Amazon is now using a software update to end most of the actions on Main videosoftware. This makes it even more difficult for customers, because: Since the update, it is no longer possible to rent or purchase a movie or series using the app. However, this only applies to the Android application of the streaming service.

The calculator or button option no longer appears in the Prime Video app. If you search for a topic, you will still be shown. Amazon also lists movies and series that you can rent or purchase. But just out of registration. Instead, you will now find a button that says “How can I see this?” reported golem. Not surprisingly, you are shown that from now on you can buy and rent only the relevant title through your Computer or browser.

Prior to the update, Amazon reportedly did not inform its customers about the change. Even in the Prime Video app itself, there is no indication that the series and movies can no longer be purchased or rented within the app. Amazon does not provide an explanation for why app performance is restricted.

Method 17: This is how you continue to rent movies and series through software

However, there is a way to circumvent the barrier – even differently. If you do not install the Amazon Prime Video software update, the old version of the software may be used as usual. This means that you can still rent and purchase movies and series through the app.

Alternatively, you can purchase content through a browser and then manage it via the Prime Video app and watch it on Android devices.

→ Huge package of EU action threatens to break the network

Possible causes of restrictions

As mentioned, Amazon has not provided any clear indication as to why its programs are currently being blocked in this way. Google is probably the reason. Because from June 1, 2022, developers who offer in-app purchases in their applications must use the Google billing system. And that is a must. If you do not comply with this request, the relevant application will be removed from the Play Store by June 1st.

At that point, Amazon eliminates all pay-per-view options from in-app purchases as well as Main Video and Audio programs. However, this can only be a temporary measure.

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