Amazing experiments of solar panels on the highway

Amazing experiments of solar panels on the highway

Here is a picture that has been around the world for two days. Solar panels installed on the main road in South Korea. Main innovations: effectively connecting solar panels more than several thousand kilometers and connecting the circuit path.

Lots of problematic issues

Following the spread of this invention, critics point out:

  • The idea of ​​riding a bicycle in the middle of a car is not appealing.
  • Pollution
  • Driving for several miles without being able to stop before the next exit.

Even if the idea needs to be finalized, the electric generating surface for solar panels will not interfere with agricultural surfaces or protected areas and based on road miles in France I think we could produce as much as a nuclear plant (or several?)
And with circular paths, there is no objection to placing solar panels on the sidewalks where there are ersatz circular paths. This will require providing REAL rotation paths.

Solution of circular paths around the world?

To make some trips faster I get this smart device because it is better than a bad hallway stuck between cars and buses.
Since we have traveled a lot, I regret that in France we do not know how to repair bicycle lanes. They are not well protected from cars, they should be out of the way, lined with trees and wide! A similar observation for pedestrians in some cities. Believing that everything is only imagined by cars.

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