Alpine dreams of dominating the motorsport world

After patience with Formula 1, the boss of the Renault group dreams of bringing Alpine to the rally and even Dakar. Is it enough to win the group sports division in all aspects?

Returning to the sports car market in 2018 thanks to the new Alpine A110, the brand of the Renault group continues to make news. It is there since 2013 patiently and awaited in the first category from 2024 with the new LMDh model against Peugeot and Porsche, Alpine has also been participating in the Formula 1 world championship since the 2021 season. Jean Rédélé’s favorite brand is also appearing at the meeting with a special edition of its A110 Rally, in the R-GT category reserved for models close to the series. Alpine also relies on its A110 GT4 to compete in Grand Touring championships, particularly in the GTFFSA.

But Luca de Meo, the new boss of the Renault group, sees more. As part of the presentation of the new Formula 1 A522 in Paris, where we were present, he mentioned that he also had ambitions for the brand in the highest level of the world championship as well as in public raids. His dream? Drive Alpine’s futuristic compact electric model to victory in the WRCbased on the expected Renault 5 2023. But also to win the Dakar with a special model created for the event.

Technical regulations will have to be changed

It should be noted that currently, the rules of Rally1 for the first category of the world rally championship are reserved for fuel engine models supported only by an electric motor. For a 100% electric Alpine to win the championship one day, we’ll have to wait for a rule change. The same statement in the public invasion where the prototypes are currently powered by 100% petrol or hybrid engines (Audi). Note that by 2025, Alpine will create a 100% electric road series consisting of three models.