Alpine avoided cheating on pure “luck”: Pat Fry explains in detail

Alpine avoided cheating on pure “luck”: Pat Fry explains in detail

The recently-promoted CTO, Pat Fry, who will take over the role held until last year by Marcin Budkowski, has revealed the reasons why Alpine has not been plagued by fraud and the next steps to take in 2022.

The first heavy year of the Alpine ‘Plan’, with revolutionary technical controls that resulted in Form 1 that has never happened in its history, has been reflected. lights and shades so far this season: A522 capable of reaching Q3 without many obstacles but, in turn, showing various weaknesses that have not been corrected.

As for Fernando Alonso, there is no doubt that use three engines that the FIA ​​allows for a year to go unpunished in the first three races is not good news, but it is something that the French team took into consideration when gambling on instant reliance and risk. this is counterproductive.

One of the …

The mechanical failure which caused the Spanish pilot to be abandoned in Jeddah resulted disposal of propellant saidwhile those that prevented him from fighting for a very good start to Melbourne turned out to be small, allowing Alpine to sponsor him.

The one from Bahrain has also been able to rise, something the Gauls have recently revealed during the march that separates them from the “best” in 10 CVs, the inequalities they intend to reduce and the one-seat reform.

yes Imola “would be a good song” for Alpineaccording to Otmar Szafnauer, mainly because of the flexibility of his single seat to the characteristics of the Italian song, but also because of the array of innovations that should enable the stage forward for its structure.

… one of sand

However, Not bad in Alpine: yes shedThe main problem of the new generation of single seats, has not affected them at all compared to other teams on the grid.

Why? Pat Fry, the technical director of the French team, deals with the issue of “luck” in nature. “We were going through a rough patch, because the harder it gets the more you can climb. We know where shed, it was not clever creativity to try to prevent it before, not at all! We were just lucky with our decisions, now we understand better, “he explained.

Alonso and Ocon do not get the direct rhythms that most drivers experience.

Benetton, McLaren, Ferrari, Manor … and now Alpine are the teams that the most experienced Fry who knows what he’s talking about has gone through. “In 1987, skirts were banned on the sides of the car. However, they were on the front end, so we suffered, to some extent, those rebounds,” he explained.

“I think he shed, and its weight, surprised everyone. The fact is that we did not see it on a scale and did not have such problems in the simulator; in any case, the way we designed our car has made us less sensitive What others»The fry continued.

Fix or die

The variety of single-seat designs in 2022 surprised even Ross Brawn, one of the designers of the code. Fry ensures that the maximum width of the Alpine A522, is added to very stable groundhas enabled them to escape shed.

“If you look at some of the other cars, it’s absolutely horrible. Obviously the rules of aerodynamics: all those who have chosen a very narrow profile cannot put any tie stick on the ground that is too far from the outside. Therefore, it must add a kilo down to make it harder, and they have not. We have a broad profile, which simplifies things, “he said.

“We’ve put a lot of weight in, so in the FIA ​​load tests and deflection, which is … I don’t know … 20 millimeters for a certain load, our floor is 10 times harder than necessary. All that extra difficulty does not give you aerodynamics … in addition to the basic aerodynamic features, you have all kinds of flexibility. I’m sure, to some extent, that this is what surprised many other teams, “Fry in detail.

In the end, Fry does not forget the FIA ​​trick that allowed the most vulnerable teams shed Add stabilizers just before the first race able to compete without problems. “We had a problem, we can persuade it and we know how to prevent it. We all have to deal with it, adding those who stop it is a kind of recovery for everyone, but things are so», He concluded.

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