Alonso prefers the Alpine to the Aston Martin track

Alonso prefers the Alpine to the Aston Martin track

Fernando Alonso is looking to extend his contract with Alpine, a desire that appears to be on par with the team’s leaders, although no official announcement has yet been made. But the Spanish driver has already cleared the track for Aston Martin.

Everything is moving very quickly in F1, as soon as the announcement of the retirement of Sebastian Vettel at the end of the 2022 season, a seat is available at Aston Martin. And of course the question was asked to Fernando Alonso if this could be an option, if Alpine decided to start his promising youngster Oscar Piastri.

Alonso will choose Alpine over Aston Martin

“I’d like to stay here”he told reporters on the spot in Hungary. “I will be on vacation, the bosses will be on vacation too, so we have to arrange video calls or whatever. But when two parties want to agree on something, it takes 10 minutes. When two parties are fighting to reach an agreement. something, maybe one of the parties is unhappy. So It won’t take more than 10 minutes for my decision to be made.”

Before returning to F1 with Alpine, Fernando Alonso had talks with Aston Martin, when they were still known as Racing Point in 2020. Talks that failed, allowing the Spaniard to return to the house he knows so well.

“We talked about 2020 when they were very competitive, obviously, and they were winning races and being on the podium.he says. “And it didn’t go well and I went back with Alpine and I’m happy where I am. But all teams are options as long as they don’t have two drivers signed.”

“My priority is to be with Alpine because we have been working and developing this project together for two years now. We are becoming more competitive and my intention is probably to stay. But we are not sitting at the table to do things, so everything is still going on.”