Alonso is asked if Alpine can get a Ferrari and this is his answer

Alonso is asked if Alpine can get a Ferrari and this is his answer

The 2022 season has begun with Ferrari’s dominance in the standings, although Red Bull have shown resilience. Alpine, however, is still far away and Fernando Alonso is aware of that.

The first three races of the season have produced impressive results in this early stage of the control era. And that is, after many years of being ruled by Mercedes, it is now ferry who seems to be the strongest team.

As in previous seasons, Red Bull shows enough ability to tackle the reference team on the grid, but several reliability issues They have burdened Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez.

Alpine, one second behind Ferrari

Behind Red Bull there is a huge gap for the third team, which at the beginning of this season is Mercedes. Yes indeed, Alpine has shown potential vying for the title with the eight world champions and some even consider watching Ferrari.

“Based on Ferrari’s speed, I think it will be difficult because, obviously, we’re eight or one second behind right nowlooking at the first race in qualifying, ”Fernando Alonso responds with a similar excuse for daring.

Indeed, in the first three races, Alpine has averaged 0.951 seconds behind Ferrari in a qualifying condition, so it seems. overly optimistic think of something like that. Although, yes, in Australia Fernando Alonso showed the ability to climb the platform and it was only a technical error that interrupted the program.

It will not happen, but what if?

But in any case, Fernando Alonso does not rule out such a possibilitybecause he knows that the new code offers a lot of room for upgrading one seat and Alpine has a lot of new things waiting for the car.

“Closing the gap will be very hopeful, but we will see. We must continue to work, and these cars are so recent that we can get something bigger than we thought at first, when we tried it in a wind tunnel. And maybe we will take a big step, “says Fernando Alonso.

One of those planned developments is a new lighter floor, which will be shown for the first time in Imola this coming weekend. Of course, there will be only one unit and Alpine must decide whether Fernando Alonso or Esteban Ocon pilot will use it.

“It will be just for the car, for now. This update was planned for Miami, but we were able to anticipate Imola “, explains Alan Permane, Alpine sporting director.

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