All prices for electric SUV coupe SUV

All prices for electric SUV coupe SUV

The cut version of Enyaq is finally available for ordering. But the first shipment will be made in early 2023!

Technical settings

The version of the Skoda SUV coupe overrides the entry level of 50. So the reach model is 60, with a block of 132 kW, or 180 hp. The battery has a total capacity of 58 kWh, with a combined WLTP of 416 km. Next, the 80 has a 150 kW motor, or 204 hp, and a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh. The WLTP range is 544 km, the longest in the range.

Above, the 80X receives two motors, one for each axle, which provides a four-wheel drive with a total power of 195 kW, 265 hp. With a 77 kWh battery, the range is 520 km.

Sportier than the regular Enyaq, Coupé leads with its RS version. There are two engines, with 220 kW, or 299 hp. The 77 kWh battery provides a distance of 504 km.

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Finishing with the main common materials

  • Enyaq Coupe : automatic emergency brakes, lane assistance, cruise / acceleration control, front / rear parking sensors, rear camera, 19-inch rims, dual air conditioning, electric mirrors and heating , move to a 13-inch screen (with voice and signal control).
  • Smooth games : Enyaq Coupé + 20-inch rims, exhaust detection, blind spot monitoring, 2.5 Travel Assistant, automatic three-dimensional air conditioner, electric tail rear door, hands-free access, Matrix LED lights , warm front seats, sports chassis.
  • RS : Sportline + illuminated grille, heated front glass (but without semi-outonomic driving).


Enyaq Coupe Smooth games
60 48,010 € 55,610 €
80 53,350 € € 60,610
80X 55,620 € € 62,880

+ RS: € 62,210

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