All indicators of the French car market in June 2022 – L’argus PRO

All indicators of the French car market in June 2022 – L’argus PRO

Here are some important facts to keep in mind French car market in June 2022.

171 112: the number of new passenger vehicles registered in France in June 2022. The decrease is 14.2% in one year, and one day less activity. Throughout the first half, sales also decreased by 16.3% to 772,046 units. Logically, since the car business has not been positive since January.

45.4%: part of the sales route by individuals in the first six months of the year, with 350,456 registrations registered. This rate fell by 9.8 points compared to the same period in 2021. In detail, long-term trade and leasing won 28.4% of the market (219,099 units, by -12.1%). , while short-term leases amounted to 9.5% of the total (73,489 degrees, by -29.2%).

37.5%: the share of gasoline engines at the end of June, which represented 289,612 units after an annual decline of about 26%. Gasoline remained the most sold energy from January to June. Next comes the petroleum hybrids, with 152,061 designs sold in the same period (+ 12.9%) with a market share of 19.7%. Diesel continues to hang on as it retains its third place ahead of 100% electricity. In fact, during that period, 130,031 new diesel-powered vehicles were sold (market share of 16.8%, down 38.8%) compared to 93,334 BEVs (shares 12.1%, up to 28 .7%).

Dacia: Among the 10 best-selling brands, Dacia (Renault Group) was very attractive for publishing good commercial performance in June, but also in the first half of 2022. Its sales increased by 16% in the sixth month of the year (17,279 shares were sold by 10.1% of the market share) and increased by 2.7 percent from January to June (8.4 percent of market share) and 64,692 registered people.

5 best-selling designs in June 2022

  1. Peugeot 208
  2. Renault Clio
  3. Dacia Sandero
  4. Renault Captur
  5. Peugeot 308

We take the same and start again. The top three did not change between May and June. The Peugeot 208 is still the best-selling car, ahead of it Renault Clio and Dacia Sandero. Changes occur at 4 p.m.e at 5e space, by Renault Captur (4e) which drove the 2008 Peugeot out of the top 5. The Peugeot 308 therefore also lost space (5e)