Alfa Romeo Tonale: compact SUV as a glimmer of hope

Alfa Romeo Tonale: compact SUV as a glimmer of hope

The Alfa Romeo Tonale leaves a solid impression.
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Tonale is the most recent style of Alfa Romeo. He brings almost everything with him to give the Italians good sales figures.

Alfa Romeo is something like the car manufacturer FC Schalke 04. The story of eternal love. It’s been a few days since the big success, but hope for a better day shines in the hearts of fans.

They could come now. To Schalke and to Alpha. Tifosi’s new addition is Tonale, named after passing through the Dolomites. Although he is not a fierce attacker, he should eventually ensure good transfer fees again Alpha. Finally, Tonale is playing in the most profitable league of compact SUVs.

It is fully operational by 2027

The direction of the technique is unclear: The game plan is under the project name “La metamorphosis” – change. Alfa wants to have full energy by 2027, Rivers’ successor is coming in 2024, the first electronic model, Alfa boss Jean-Philippe Imparato promises a new style every year until then.

The 4.53-meter-tall tonal announces a slightly lighter future. For this he pulls a green jersey that shines on a technology platform that is already outdated by the Jeep Compass / Renegade (since 2005). Since a complete electric drive can no longer be implemented on this basis, Alfa is satisfied with three petroleum hybrids. Two thin hybrids and one plug-in. The smaller hybrids come with a 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder, a 48-volt power system including a small battery and a front wheel drive at 130 and 160 hp power levels.

The interior of the Alfa Romeo Tonale offers excellent quality. Photo: Alpha

The 13.5 kg battery sits between the front seats and is primarily intended to give Tonale the fastest legs and at least the most electric parking during operation. The combustion engine is then completely divided. The plug mix will start in the autumn and has a system output of 275 hp. The maximum power should be about 64 km, the 122 hp electric motor on the rear axle makes Tonale a vehicle to drive all wheels.

Diesel comes with 130 hp

For diesel fans, Alpha will offer a 130 hp version starting June. The price list starts with Tonale Hybrid Super for 130 hp for 35,500 euros, the 160th edition of Tonale Hybrid TI costs 42,500 euros, the plugin mix should start at just under 50,000 euros.

Another feature that should bring Alfa back to the first league is the so-called NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. This is based on a digital check booklet that is issued for the first time in the production format and, with the owner’s permission, stores all vehicle and workshop data for the lifetime of the vehicle. It is based on the concept of an uncontrollable blockchain, a list of ever-expanding records. Above all, Alfa expects the highest transfer fees from new technologies, i.e., consistent sales prices.

win customers back

In general, trust is a new currency that the cultural brand wants to pay for. Imparato says: “Tonale is a shout out to all Alfa Romeo fans we have lost.” To this end, the SUV is the first and only Alpha to receive a five-year warranty.

In addition, Italians promise a new level of quality. Alpha calls Tonale “an important step”. Certainly. Probably no Alpha has ever been so carefully collected. Nothing shakes, nothing irritates. What you touch in the interior, whether it be surfaces, panels, buttons or controls, be it chairs or trunk cover, everything seems to have been taken from a new chest (Stellantis), which the Italians did not have the key until now. Slogan: The evil spirits of the past do not even have to relax here

historical records

However, and fortunately, the history of the club goes hand in hand with it. Even the names of the four trim levels sound very good yesterday: Super, Sprint, TI and Veloce. Ahead and back we recognize the three-dimensional design of the Alfa Zagato RZ or Brera. The rising side line quotes the Alfa GT, large disk drive wheels also emerge from our memories, such as a steering wheel with small plates or tubes displayed on a new digital speedometer, in which we see even beautiful hunter drawings from Duetto Spider. believe in making out.

Alpha combines all of this with a sophisticated media system that is ultimately superior in terms of speed and display, though performance is not understandable without practice. For this, Alexa enters and listens to the word. This helps.

The most coveted ideas

Imparato’s announcement that there is more Alpha in the tone column than ever before is not very helpful. That may reassure fans, but it is more ambitious than reality. Even though the 160 hp version we ran gives a well-trained feel to the foot, consistent and reliable, the steering wheel still lacks great sporting enthusiasm.

Especially near the central space, it is very simple and carefree, which unfortunately does not change fundamentally in the sports program. That’s exactly fine for the city, but when you set a corner quickly, the steering wheel misses the target water that Stelvio or Giulia uses to turn the corner very hard.

No storm talent

The back part of the Alfa Romeo Tonale offers a continuous lantern. Photo: Alpha

Even as a new storm talent, the sound of a quiet voice that seems impassable. Which is basically because of the passage of two seven-speed parts. It is also not completely clean and responds to the blow with a pause of breathing before the desire for rapid acceleration is passed to the engine. The fact that the battery then also pushes and E-Boost is completely invisible.

So in the end the image of the sponge remains. As a new team member in the Stellantis group, Tonale has improved in quality. However, the usual bounties of Alpha remain slightly on the side of the road. Cuore Sportivo does not compete with the rhythm of the brand. This makes the tone one of many. Nice look, but unfortunately not unique. (SP-X)

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